Foot the ball

Can anyone explain what the rules of foot the ball are to me?

No Blades, No cudgels longer than your arm, get the ball in the oppositions goal.

That’s about it really.


How long does a match last? How big is the pitch? Is there always an outright winner or do you get draws?

The whereabouts of the ball, the goals and who is on which team appear to be only a minor consideration, at least to outsiders.

Who wins is also subject to much discussion. How do you score sending the ball through the regio to the spring realm?

The general after match discussion seems to be to compare how many traumatic injuries were obtained last time compared to this.


I think the trick here is to think of Foot-the-Ball much less as an actual sport with rules and organisation, and more of a national pastime which is a massive free-for-all.

The winners are the players, the audience and any attending physicks.

The pitch appears to end up as “the whole of Anvil”, barring accidental forays into other realms or chambers…

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When is this due to be played?

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It is basically medieval mob football and an excuse for a good scrap; rules are a secondary consideration.

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I ought to explain. If one wanted to set up a bookmakers that offered odds on it, which would then hopefully generate enough profit to buy up enough alcohol(thus spreading the prosperity) from around anvil to host a victory party at the next event open to all comers?

Or is it too disorganised a sport to be able to properly assess a winner for the purposes of role-playing a bookmaker?

I think betting on the outcome is probably not going to be easily adjudicated.

Betting on injuries, whether the ball passes through the glory square, the hub, the regio etc may be easier to work out.


There was a game played last event (as we found out by accident when it turned out our tent was one of the goals). It was quite a modest affair for foot the ball as it appeared to have only about 5 people on each side. That scale of game it’s much easier to keep track of score and where the ball actually is (in bigger games that really isn’t obvious as there are fights going on all over the place, often nowhere near actual play). I think there is a referee so if you’re interested in betting then they might be a way to get official answers on things like score, number of traumatic wounds, where the goals are.

On an OC safety note, I suspect they aim to play outside tents except for going into the entrance to score - it’s too rowdy a game to be safe for people, props or furniture inside a tent - so bets on where the game passes through would be best kept to outdoor areas like the Glory Square.

It is hilarious to watch but pretty incomprehensible. Actually, that makes it a good opportunity for sharp bookeeping as evidence to prove some things happened will be rare!

Seems like foot the ball needs medics.

It seems like i will have plenty to do as a first timers as a healer.

This pleases me :slight_smile:

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Having lost a few guy ropes to Foot the Ball a few summits back, I can endorse keeping an OC eye out for tents and obstacles while IC falling over, injuring your character and generally being as rowdy as you want. :slight_smile:

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What exactly are the rules of foot-the-ball is actually a fun subject of in character debate!

At the last event we had this and the stewards games as Marcher pastimes :slight_smile: Lots of tug o war, archery, carrot n spoon racing etc
And dancing

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