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I’m planning to play as a member of Wintermark. I have put together a basic costume using things like the vikings and the Starks from game of thrones as inspiration. i have everything apart from footwear, the only things i can find either don’t match my attire or are extremely expensive.
I’m hoping someone will know where i can find cheaper boots 0-40 pounds or i can maybe use alternative footwear like hiking boots for example.

Almost everyone will tell you that costume stops at the ankle. Tons of people go for hiking/walking boots instead of fancy expensive shoes that look good, because having your feet survive the event is more important than them looking pretty. As long as they don’t have a big neon flashy stripe going down that side and aren’t really bright trainers, anything goes. Hiking boots are the best!


thanks a lot dude. may invest in them later down the line then

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The other option depending on what you prefer is army surplus, or something like magnum boots.

The important thing is that your feet are dry, and your ankle is supported. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, over uneven ground for a whole weekend.

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One option to look into is horse-riding gaiters; imagine the top half of a riding boot, but it goes over your sensible walking boots. You can pick them up for £20 upwards, they can help to keep the mud out of your socks, but they are obviously more modern looking than true IC boots.

A commonly-seen alternative would be puttees, which I suppose you could also use to a) keep out mud and b) partially obscure modern shoes if you felt like it.

Personally, I think I agree with the original response; costume ends somewhere between the knee and ankle. I happen to have a good pair of riding boots I picked up for £10 in Oxfam, but charity shops are great for LARP anyway.

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Rigger Boots are another good option - easily available; relatively cheap; warm; waterproof; don’t look far out of place, plus steel toecaps are a bonus on the battlefield.

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I have a pair of second hand combat boots with these gaiters I got off EBay, just search for “Swiss Army Gaiters” and you’ll find them as @AnthonyHJ says for about £20.

Focus on your comfort and safety, anything roughly boot shaped will be fine on the field.

Thanks for all the advice. Since it will be my first time at the next event I will wear my hiking boots with ankle support but cover the tops with some fur leg wraps. I will invest in some more IC shoes latter down the line.
Thanks all!

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This is pretty much where I’m at; I suggest you pick up some cheap ebay knee supports instead of the fur wraps - Anvil gets very muddy, very fast, and as I found out any fur below the knee is going to get ruined if it’s wet.


2nd’d. anything below the knee is likley to get muddy. or assume it will.

Good shout I didn’t think of this. Leather wraps it is. Thanks

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