For LarpCon Attendees

Hello everyone, just a quick safety note we’ve been asked to pass on from LARPCon. Unfortunately, the organisers have let us know that one of the attendees has since tested positive for COVID. You can see the post in italics below.

Our team loved meeting folk at the convention. If you’re new to Empire I hope you had a chance to chat with Paul and the others at our stall.

Thanks all, and hope to see you at our first event of the year in April.

From LarpCon UK:
Thank you everyone who came along for LarpCon 2022 , it’s been a fantastic weekend.

We can’t wait for next year.

Unfortunately one of our volunteer crew at the weekend has returned home and tested positive for covid, with a home testing kit. So we would advise all attendees (or those that know attendees - please direct them and this information to each other), to take a home test as soon as possible. We shall be emailing this same information to the ticket email list of attendees of the event too.

Feel free to share this post and spread the word and we apologise for this occurrence.

See you next year (1st weekend of March 2023).

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