For the love of Monstering!

So, its your turn to monster. You wake, get some breakfast in you, and now its time to get dressed! Make sure you are up before time-in, and be ready to go to muster at time in!

  • Put on base layers of any neutral colour on. This will cover your skin and make you look more realistic than if you were to show up in a shirt and jeans. Wear the base layers you would under your kit.

  • Make sure that you check what you are monstering as. Each of the nations and enemies are colour coded for convivence. Red for the Jotun and Bregaslandian Humans, and Green for the Druj. If you have kit in this colour, put it on if it isn’t character specific

Make sure you are at the monster muster at 10, and get ready!

Now you are in base layers, its time to decide what to fight as! You have multiple options here:

  • You can play a full combatant, which involves bringing armour and weapons like a polearm or Sword and Shield, or a skirmisher
  • A low com, such as a mage or healer, which means you will be supporting the Full combatants
  • A SUPER DUPER LOW! com, which means you will be the attendant to one of the monster crew. You make sure that they are hydrated, and healthy throughout the battle.

When you finally take the field, you can prep, and just chitchat with your fellow monsters. You will then listen out for your orders, which will be shouted at you. Find out who is leading your group, and take your places.

When the Imperials arrive, your goal will vary, but it is most likely that you will fighting in a line until your group is vanquished.

Roleplay your heart out, fight till the death, and die gloriously! Make the battle fun for the players, its your role!

And if you do die, go back to respawn, and either respawn, or, if the person in charge of respawn decides its time to go home, be sent home!

Then, walk back to your tent, get into your characters clothes again, and Time In!

Please respond if I have missed anything!


There are no non com roles on the battlefield. There is no guarantee that you won’t get bopped with a latex prop even if you are unarmed. Also with the current COVID-19 restrictions water carriers are sadly no longer a thing.


I will change the non com bit, but being a NPC carer means watering it, taking it for walks and picking up its loot and running behind the line when it dies.

The water wasn’t shared the last time I had monstered, as I was playing a thrall, we were in charge of keeping the Jotun warlord from passing out.

But thanks for clarifying!

If you have a Staff, are you confined to a low combat role?

Absolutely not! Many battle mages enjoy being on the front line, as your staff has a long reach and allows you to cast offensive spells if you’ve bought them. Hitting them to cast the spell will also do a point of damage at the same time!

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Does that work even if you’re monstering? Are the orcs known for their offensive mages?

Depends on the kind of barbarian. Jotun not in the slightest though some of their yegerra allies have been known to use magic.

Druj 100% they even have an Emu made exclusively of neaky mages.


I have a vague recollection that the Thule also had some pretty tasty combat mages being the Magic flavoured barbarians :slight_smile: Perhaps we’ll be reminded at some point.