Foreigner with far to many questions!

Warm clothing wise you can get a basic wool cloak on site from many traders like Gems Trading, Chows Emporium, LARP Inn and a bunch more. If you get one in a bright colour that should fit the Brass Coast costume brief.

Also get some thermal base layers to wear under your costume, if it’s cold these can make most types of costume more livable. Most outdoor/camping shops will sell them and you can also get them off Amazon if you’ve got a place to send them to.

Another tip for staying warm at night is to get something like this to go under a blow up mattress if you’re using one, as a layer of insulation will help not lose heat to the ground.

Oh one other thing to keep a look out for on here and the new players FB group is the schedule of intro talks and socials for people new to Empire that the new player team run on Thursday and Friday to help get you introduced and answer any questions you’ve got.

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It’s nice to know there will be cloaks at the event! How much should I expect one to cost? As I will have to convert (not sure of the correct word) my money and I’m assuming bank passes aren’t an option haha.

I was indeed thinking of what to do about footwear as wearing combat boots of a dark colour with a brass coast outfit seemed odd. But if people say the kit (I’m assuming this is the correct term instead of outfit?) ends at the ankles then is it okay for someone to wear black combat boots when the rest of the outfit is only bright colors?

You might be right about that one. Really need to check out thermal clothing since everyone seems to agree its the best option.

The tent idea is viable if it wasn’t for the fact it would cost me too much money. I’m already paying around 300€ for the event, travel and food. Not even including a kit and other items I will need to buy.

Well the flights from portugal only include one small bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) so I’ll have to buy another bag unfortunately. It mostly likely is different in the US but this is what we are stuck with here :sweat_smile:
I would love to be going more regularly but as I mentioned above its quite a cost. But if I get the Larp bug I might just have to do that.

Talk to me about anything you want. I have been living here almost all my life so I can tell you all the horrible stuff haha. Just kidding its probably paradise for some people and really depends on where you live.

I’ll be sure to check out the trader page and do some research into what they may sell and the cost. To be honest I don’t think I really have anything for that kind of weather as its more times too warm than too cold here. I’ll be sure to find some comfort with the fires

Well my family used to own a campsite so I’m pretty familiar with most of the fundamentals though again heat is more of a factor here than the cold. I will try and brush up on my construction of tents though as I’m sure it will be a hassle.

From what I read above yeah its seems that way. I may be complaining to much but I will most likely spend at least 100-150 on the flight + extra bag. For some this might be nothing but I’m currently low on money and this will be my first vacation in ages.

I can’t honestly wait to have a cloak of my own! Its to be honest one of the many old fashioned clothing items I wish was acceptable to wear around in day-to-day life.

Hopefully I can find some even though summer is coming already over here. Hopping one of the bigger stores has them year round.

Thank you! Thats indeed something I will also have to try and bring. I will not be bringing a blow up mattress as it will take up a lot of room in my luggage but the aluminum mat will most likely still be very handy.

I have joined the FB group now so I’ll check there closer to the date for any info. Hopefully I get there in time for them!

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Thank you again everyone for being so nice!

Surprisingly, most traders will take cards on site (which is EXTREMELY dangerous for the bank balance).

Cloaks can be expensive - I’ve had some success with using woolen fabrics or blankets held at the throat with a clasp, but if you’re buying on site, Chow’s is a pretty decent guide for prices:

I was looking at the traders on the wiki and I almost fell of my chair looking at the price of some of the cloaks… I wish I could spend that kind of coin but unfortunately thats not the case. I might look into making my own though I’m not sure how I should go about the fabric as I’m allergic to wool (quite unfortunate).

Even those are still quite expensive but that again is probably just my perspective on money haha. But I’ll keep it in mind!

You can make a cheap cloak by finding a suitably Brass Coast coloured/patterned synthetic fleece blanket (or something else if fleece is also a problem) - ideally something that still looks reasonably natural - folding it in half, draping it around your shoulders, and pinning it in place with some costume jewellery (or at a pinch, a nappy-pin). It’s cheap, will keep you warm, and if it’s not raining it can be part of your sleeping setup as well.

If you want to sew a proper hooded cloak, there are a lot of easy patterns online.

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Re tents: I was thinking something cheap and cheerful, along the lines of this:

Get a friend to buy it for £20, give them £10 and let them keep it after the event.

Unless you find some good friends who’ll let you share a tent, or lend you one…

And yeah, cloaks can be bodge reasonably well. A coloured wool blanket and a clasp pin has plenty of precedent (I could tell you tales of Event 1 Year 1…). :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a spare cloak clasp you can have if you go the wool blanket route.

Otherwise I can heartily recommend this kind of cloak, if you can afford it check if they deliver to Empire.

You could also ask around on this FB group to see if anyone has an appropriate cloak they’re selling second hand.


I might just end up doing that. Finding a blanket or if I feel up to it try and sow something together.

Really? That’s so kind of you! I might take you up on that offer.

To be honest if I wasn’t going for the brass coast I might even have had a cloak/ cape already but its completely black (like all my wardrobe is). Its a shame since its very warm and pretty IC.

I have also finished doing by basic sketches for a outfit design but I’m wondering if I should ask about that on this one (since its technically questions) or if I should make a new topic in the brass coast category?

I’d make a new thread, easier to keep track. :slight_smile:


Will do. Is it best to do so in the nations/brass coast or in the costume crafting category?

Either would be fine, but I’d go for costume.

[edit to add: where you’ve put it is fine. :slight_smile: ]

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as a long term brummie you have a couple of options regarding trains from Birmingham airport to Banbury.

Firstly you can indeed go direct from Birmingham International (the station at the Airport) to Banbury. There are some shops near by the Banbury station and if you got there early you could head out to those but I wouldn’t know the specifics there i’m afraid.

Alternatively you could get a train from International to New Street. This will bring you out in the new New Street building which includes a small Tesco Metro and an M&S Food Court. there aren’t really many corner stores/ supermarkets around the area but you would be able to get some basics, though likely not the cheapest. And that would be without walking out of the Station building itself so very little chance of getting lost and then you would be able to get a train from New street to Banbury.


If you don’t mind no hood, you can “make” a cloak with literally just a rectangle of your preferred fabric (e.g. a suitable blanket) and a cloak pin. No sewing skills required.

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Okay thats great ^^ Thank you for the info! I’ll keep this in mind.

Yeah I’m thinking of doing something like that but I want something warmer so I think I would need to add a lining anyways right?

I have been reading up on weapon safety in Empire and was wondering if this tutorial I found was okay. I wanted to maybe try my hand at it (if not for this one maybe for another one) and I have made props before but for cosplay.

I think the whole forum will join in and say its not worth making your own LARP weapon. Its expensive, labour intensive and liable to fail. Unless what you want is something very specific (and even then I would get one commissioned). I haven’t watched the video, but tbh its not worth it.


Ahh I see. Thats good to know! I’ll look for a weapon on sight then, how much can I expect them to cost (for a very simple sword for example)?