Foreigner with far to many questions!

It depends on the maker and the weapon, but you’re looking at roughly between £45 for a Eldritch Armouries double-edged sword, to ~£65 for a similar Saxon Violence sword (both vendors have stalls at Empire).

If you’re just planning to use a single sword, there’s a very good chance someone will be able to lend you one - it’d be worth asking on the Brass Coast facebook page.

Also worth noting: If you are planning on going on one of the large battles as your character, you also have to “monster” the other - ie; play as one of the enemies (usually Orcs) that the Imperials will be facing. This is organised on a nation-by-nation basis, so you’ll be with people you may have already met in the Brass coast. You don’t need any special costume for this, but you will need a weapon, and ideally some dark/neutral clothes, like a simple pair of cotton trousers + shirt (you’ll be loaned an Orc mask and a plastic breastplate for the battle).


Here is the Page of traders.

Take a look. Craftigen, Saxon Violence do great looking weapons. Darkblade does great basic leatherwork (Scabbards, belts, pouches ect)

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I would strongly advise against making your own weapons as a new LARPer. UK safety standards are very strict. The only people I know who make their own weapons have quite a bit of experience using and safety checking weapons, and even then first attempts will normally fail weapons check.


I must concur with the general opinion here. Making your own LARP weapons, certainly to the high safety standard demanded at Empire, requires enthusiasm, endless patience, experience with their construction and use, and no small amount of investment in materials and tools.

If you like the game and intend to continue after your first event, there is a free-cycle of lost property (including weapons of various qualities) at each event. You will have to be lucky to catch it though, as it is deliberately not advertised…

You may also find someone willing to sell you a weapon cheaper than the traders, but in this case check that it passes weapons check before handing over any money.

As long as it fits in a suitcase, there should be no issue taking larp weaponry home…


Unfortunately some airlines don’t allow replica weapons, even in the hold. I’m not sure what a LARP weapon looks like on X-Ray, the ones used for hold bags are quite sophisticated.

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Thank you all. I’m glad I asked before attempting it now haha. I hope I end up finding something cool if not for this event maybe a future one.

Fair point Penny, check before travelling…

Another healer! Yay!

All the advice is awesome - And heres some of mine:
Near the sentinel gate (Main field, look along the tree-line and there will big a big Stargate type thing), there is the Hospital. Usually its an open-front military tent, with a tall flag outside with a Rune on it.
Might be worth popping there just before Time-In, and asking the lovely people there is they can go through the exact actions of Role-playing the healing process with you. Role-play the role-play :smiley: . They usually will have a couple of used Traumatic wound cards knocking about too, so you can see what they look like.
The hospital people are great, and always looking out for new healers.


To be honest working together with more healers seems a lot of fun! Working as a team seems awesome to me haha. So I’ll for sure try and check it out!

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Your English is excellent, by the way…

  1. Check about renting a tent with PD, this is early for June, but other options are: The tent I use packs down to about 20cm x 8cm x 6cm and has two layers, similar things are available from big Tescos for about £30-40 in summer, or ask here & on Facebook when you’ve chosen your nation. If you offer a crown or mana crystal, someone might be happy to share tent space. Or £20-ish…

  2. Yes, when you monster (play an orc) PD will provide armour if you turn up early (fewer sizes left if you’re just on time). Mage armour can also double as part of your costume.

I was lent armour by my nation Navarr and then hired armour by arrangement; it’s probably easier to hire armour from a nation who are not going into battle the same day (i.e. will be wearing monstering armour) and by asking traders. I can now recommend this for a budget: It says child but would actually fit up to size 12 with thick padding under. Or chainmail can be had for about £40 on ebay if you have a hold suitcase.

Buy your weapon at the event if at all possible. You can bargain them down to about £55 for a well balanced sword. It might be possible to borrow or hire one. Or you can cope without, if just working as a physick and a water bearer or prisoner when monstering.

  1. Most people probably have their car full of their own stuff and what they’ve arranged to take for their group, but it’s worth asking. Even more likely to find a friend once you’ve chosen a nation. The people at Empire are friendly! There is a minibus from Banbury train station, that is quite chatty.

  2. Yes. Ask first before cooking on someone’s campfire, but I’ve seen the Feyerd allow strangers to use it to cook sausages. Unlimited hot and cold drinks are available for £5 at both the Tangled Vine and Mhorish, and TV give you a nice wooden token that’s a souvenir.

  3. Glass is fine for in Anvil, but frowned upon or actually against the rules on the battlefield as they can get broken and cause cuts. You can get posted to you and paint the lids.

  4. Ahh! It’s against the rules to say what something costs ahead of the event, and prices change anyway. I hear alchemists don’t make much money, a little more than the cost of ingredients. Physicks certainly don’t, as we tend to use our herbs for free. Fighters are usually not paid for fighting, but there are paid mercenaries and guarding jobs if you ask in the right places.

  5. Anything that fits the nation brief. Certainly some Freeborn wear nail polish (some pink, some gold, some blue). The Freeborn are into gold and silver as well as bright colours and I’d have thought golden eye-shadow was perfect, but you could email PD if you want to check. Or just ask on the Friday.

  6. You can have a sharp knife in your tent and whittle sticks onsite, you can’t take a real knife into battle. Check the law in the UK, it’s something like you shouldn’t carry a sharp item in a way that threatens others or visibly unless you can show what you are going to use it for (whittling sticks for a LARP is probably fine when you can show costume).

  7. Definitely post in the Facebook page or on the forum for a group, or pick one in play. Some groups listed on the character website no longer attend events. One check you could do is to read the most recent Roll of Honour, of people who have died in battle from groups (The Feyerd come up a fair bit). Tell us more about yourself and your character!

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And beware, most players will drink anything and I have had one mention an allergy afterwards - fortunately it didn’t contain the thing.

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