During the Forum/FB discussion, many people mentioned the issue with Forums (such as PHPBB) not being natively being designed for smartphones in the same way as FB is.

When I ran the fourms for several games that I admin’ed, I came across an app called ForumRunner, which can be used to access forums on mobiles. All it needs is a PHPBB mod attached to the forums, and then anyone with the app can access the forums via their phones in an easier-to-access-than-native-browser fashion.

I thought that I would just mention this, in case PD might be interested in allowing that to happen…

I’ll take a look at the weekend, but no promises.

Mod support in PHPbb 3 is abysmal. There isn’t any, at all. Every “mod” is a set of instructions for changing the source code of the site, which means installing security updates (which PHPbb is justly famous for requiring) becomes about 30% more difficult for every mod installed. I’d rather have fewer features on the forum than not keep up with security updates, because PHPbb tends to become a spam-magnet ten minutes after an exploit is announced…

the other app I have used is tapatalk which works OK with the boards I have used in the past

There’s lots of apps that work just fine with phpbb, without needing mods to the forums. :slight_smile:

I’ve only been able to find 5 forum apps on Android, and the 4 of them that don’t require mods either can’t read the PD forums, or don’t show any threads in it.

I was only mentioning Forum Runner, as I know it works from past experience.

I’ve just added Forumrunner support. You’ll need to search for “Profound Decsisions”, we’re not in the category browser :slight_smile:

Any chance of Tapatalk support? So I can roll all my forums into one app?

I’ve added support for Tapatalk too, I think. Let me know if it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Not finding you in the teapatalk serach yet will wait a while for it to possibly update.

Forum Runner is working (as I’m using it to post this reply now).

thanks muchly

I’m not putting the forum in the public directory, so you may need to visit the forum on your phone and click the link that should appear.

I’m not a Tapatalk user, though.

Forum Runner was working until this morning when I couldn’t find this forum any more. Any idea if there is a serious problem or is it just a temporary glitch / screw up on my side of things?

Looks like it’s working again.

I love things that just magically fix themselves.