Free Company / player(s) from Germany


I’m currently trying to gather a few players here in Germany to visit Empire for one event in 2018. Before I start with that, though, I wanted to check what would be the best place for us (or just me, in case i’m not very successful :wink: )

The most obvious nation, language-/accent-wise, would of course be the Commonwealth, but as this is a foreign nation, and not open to players, it wasn’t an option, sadly, My second idea was the League, and probably to either form a Free Company - or join one. As we’d most likely ony go for one event, and no time to improve our kit over time, it’s important for me to pick a nation for which people might already have fitting costumes, and I know quite a few people playing landsknechts or musketeers.

So the first question would be whether - if we don’t form our own Company - we’re likely to find employment in another, existing Free Company in-game? Ideally, I guess, by getting in touch with those players beforehand.

The other question is, basically, whether you think this is a good idea, or if you think another nation might be better suited for foreign players. You can assume that all of us would most likely be veteran players and speak English more or less fluently, But of course there might be logistical issues I can’t forsee. Tents will be an interesting issue to solve.

We have foreign players in most of the nations that I am aware of, accent is pretty much ignored if it is not important.

The Iron Raptors are one of the biggest mercenary companies that I am aware of, I believe they accept mercenaries from any nation (though they can only form banners among single nations, so it’s probably a complex arrangement, you’d need to ask a Raptor)

I think the Temeschwar League city affects a slightly Germanic accent (though my accent appreciation is atrocious, so I could be very wrong!)

Welcome, There is a Free company of landsknechts in the league already (of which I’m a member) so you will be more than welcome as a competing company or join with us. If you want some more details just ask.

We are the group in the wide shot at the bottom.
I am afraid the Iron Raptors have folded in the field.

Well, let’s put it this way - if I can get 10+ players interested in crossing the Channel, and if we can solve the logistical issues of bringing all our gear (especially camp equipment), then we might have a go at forming our own (always fun to have competition, and to argue who’s best), otherwise we’d of course be more than happy to join another - like yours.

I guess an interesting question would be how large your free company is, and what kind of roles/characters might also be useful to you, apart from the obvious (i.e. fighers)?

A rival Company of befeathered fabulous people people would amazing. Joining us would also be amazing, but at 10+ people I would make your own company. There isnt anything stopping us from having a great rivalry in Anvil and fighting together on the field egging each other on.

Our company is anything from 10 to 20 people depending on events. We are heavy combat unit with halberds as our specialty Honestly, we don’t particularly ask of any specific roles, we would rather people played what they think is awesome.
We don’t have any combat mages or priests in our group. We tend to do our own thing in small groups. I trade and am getting into the military campaign.

Alright, we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile: On to recruiting…

At worst you will be welcome in the nation either way

Also, having history in the Commonwealth before moving to the Empire is not unreasonable. Try emailing PD if you have an idea. Being Imperial and having spent time working in the Commonwealth as mercenaries could also work.

You should fit in entirely fine in the League. It would also be a sensible place for migrants with Commonwealth heritage to end up.

When the game was originally conceived, there was the idea for the Foreign Nations would be available to play by European players. I believe however there wasn’t quite enough interest to implement this.
It might be worth emailing PD about this.

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Hi ,
the main question is what kind of costume you already have and then chose a nation fitting to your kit. Especially if you just want to come for one event you might not want to re-do all your larp kit.
There are quite a few German speaker in the Marches btw.
A few of us did the trip this year to Epic Empires in Germany and we played in the Pilgrims camp.

Within the league Temeshwar has eastern european names and Holberg has germanic names. So think a burgher would be better. Can also play migrants and use that as an explanation to your accent if you prefer.

One thing I do know is that some German players have put into their background that there is an enclave of Commonwealth immigrants in Holberg so you could cheerfully play some second generation Commonwealth immigrants who live in the League.

Also oddly enough I’d actually say that a smaller Free Company might have a better chance of being employed as it’s less of an upfront cost to hire you compared to other larger groups. A group of 5-10 of you would cheerfully be a force on the field if you took complimentary skills, say some Bravos, some Mountebank battle mages with some healer support. That sort of group, who can go and do “stuff” on the field as needed would be quite useful.

Also tent wise, I’d sort out what OOC tents you can bring with you and then if you need an IC place to congregate there are more than a few bars in the League that if you can keep the drinks flowing you could just set up there :slight_smile:.