++FREE TO LIVE++ Winds of Fortune E2 2018


Joana grunted as she took the weight of the second beam on her shoulders. Damn but it was heavy. She gritted her teeth and set off towards the others, trying not to groan under the weight. She shot an envious look at her sister, who was walking easily since she was only carrying a single timber, but she accidentally caught her sister’s eye and quickly looked away.

“You know… you could just go and talk to her” Miju said. She smiled encouragement at her sister.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she retorted. She and her sister were thick as thieves, inseparable really, but still she regretted telling her about Beca.

“Of course not… you’re just carrying twice as much timber as everyone else to impress… who? Zemress?”

Joana’s cheeks flushed and she glanced quickly round. Taking the paragon’s name in vain was shocking but it didn’t look like anyone had heard.

“Wash your mouth out Miju!” She tried to regain her composure but it wasn’t easy when carrying so much damn weight. “I’m just doing what I can so that we can get this barn finished before dark is all.”

“Shush - she’s coming.”

The two women walked on in silence as they passed the group coming the other way for another load. Joana shifted the balance on her shoulder, taking as much as she could in her hands so that the weight caused her muscles to stand out. She kept her eyes locked firmly forwards but at the last minute she dared to flash the briefest glance at the group as they passed her. She caught a brief glimpse of Becca i Cotreyo smiling and laughing with her friends and her mouth ran dry. Were they laughing at her? No it was just her imagination playing tricks on her surely. And then the group were gone.

“For prosperity’s sake Joana - just go and talk to her - tonight.”

“Maybe… Maybe when the barn is done.”

“That’s what you said last week as well. Maybe we should ask if you can build a second barn - you know just by yourself. Then everyone on the Coast will fall in love with you!”

They laughed together, Miju could always make her laugh. It was hard though - laughing while carrying so much weight. Worth it mind - she was sure now that Becca had noticed her this time. Tonight - she’d summon up her courage and talk to her tonight, she promised herself.

The evacuated people of the Isle of Zemress are settling into their new home in Segura, but they have plans. Ambitious plans, which you can learn about here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Free_to_live

They’re quite keen to transform of the dry, dusty plains of northern Segura into something more fertile, and they’re prepared to put in plenty of hard work to make it happen.

Not everything is plain sailing, though. There’s the thorny matter of names, the odd customs that have grown up over their years separated from the Empire, and also a bucket of concern about recent developments with regard to refugees…

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