Freeborn tent inside

so for freeborn ic tent what should i put inside it. i am planning on getting this tent:

so any tips on stuff to get for it. im getting it for me a trader and also for my in game brother, a healer. any help would be good.

also what do i do if i want to set one up IC. is their someone i need to talk to plan were it will go.
thanks all

For free born, you definitely want bells and silks. What you could do, if it is possible, is to hang the silks from the ceiling so they are a slack and then tie things to them like the bells. You could also have vials of powder and such things hanging from these as well. You want lots of bright colours and a bit of shine.

You could also add a few contracts either in frames or just hanging down. Maybe a small wooden table and a fairly ornate drinks set. Each freeborn family have their own special drink called Syrah. What ever your version is could be in that drinks set. For storage, a sea chest would be suitable.

Maybe add something to represent glass, dust and fire, three symbols of the brass coast. The glass could be a mirror, the dust could be in the vials and then fire could be how you decorate your lights.

For seating, I recommend some cushions and such things. You want it all to seem comfortable and informal.

If you have any OOC stuff, either hide it under materials, behind other things, in boxes or chests or around the corner as if people are looking in, they shouldn’t see it. I would recommend bringing a thick blanket for one of these OOC items. The brass coast is not known for their warm clothes and such so it would be good to have something you can bring out to keep you warm at night when you are in your tent and no one can see.

I suggest you think of exotic restaurants and cafes or far off palaces to give you an idea of what you want for the interior.

What kinds of things are you thinking of trading? You could put a sign up outside your door.

I think that you may have to talk to PD about setting up and then when you do, talk to the family you are part of to see where they are setting up. If you aren’t part of a family yet, I recommend just finding out where people aren’t setting up. Either way, it might be a good idea for you to turn up a bit earlier to get it all sorted out.

(I forgot, maybe also add beads and other similar kinds of jewellery)

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I’d reason that you don’t need to go overboard unless it’s place for people to meet and sit inside, our group has a face tent we set dress and nobody has come and sat inside it for a year now…

Don’t go overboard until you know it’ll get used!


I’ve been set dressing at least a 4m tent since my first event and I’ve had some nice comments about it; I’ve just purchased my own 3m and fully plan to keep set dressing it even though it’s less suited to being a communal space!

quick edit - I only looked at your chosen tent after I posted so only just noticed. That one doesn’t look like canvas, more like modern polyester tents in the shape of a bell tent. As such that one wouldn’t be suitable for the IC field, as IC tents must be canvas, so you may want to consider that before you purchase it! It’s still a nice tent, but unfortunately only usable on the OC field I think.

But, some ideas for you:

  • I really dislike the groundsheet of my tent being visible so I cover it with rag rugs. I have a bunch of Indian rugs in various sizes and I just chuck them all over. Mine are Chindi rugs but pretty much anything colourful and easily washable would work I think. I also have a door mat just inside for muddy boots to keep the worst of it off my nice rugs.

  • I have some very specific sleeping arrangements (I get very cold very easily on a night time) so I have a couple of duvets that I bring. They have lovely plain red covers on them so when I throw them on my bed they look IC. They also handily hide my sleeping bag during the day. Since it looks a little plain I have a couple of blankets I throw on there too - usually a crocheted mesh looking one with tassels and a yellow fur one (fur isnt really on brief for clothes but I like it for set dressing and warmth).

  • the Brass Coast doesn’t have a large supply of wood, so I like wicker and other woven alternatives. I have an African made basket I use sometimes - great for packing things into for travelling, but I also use it to stand weapons in when it’s empty (tip up, of course!). I’ve also got a couple of wicker shopping baskets that I bring - one sits around full of firewood.

  • related to the previous, I have a large wicker ‘chest’ I used to bring that I would then put my kit in as if it was my character’s travelling chest. I’ve recently replaced this with a faux-leather covered chest as it had started to disintegrate a little. I really like the look of the open chest with all of my beaded scarves and things spilling out.

  • camping tables that fold flat but have extendable legs are really useful for hiding OC things under. All you need is a fancy colourful tablecloth thats big enough to complete cover them. I like Indian patchwork.

  • moroccan lanterns with some bright battery-operated fairylights inside look gorgeous as table decor. You can also buy strings of fairylights that look like tiny moroccan lanterns. They’re not overly bright, but I have a couple of sets that I wrap around the A-frame of my tent’s door.

  • BUNTING. I love bunting, and you can buy it made out of sari fabrics and brocades if you look around. Some of the groups in the coast have it all the way around their awnings. I made some of my own ‘bunting’ that’s actually a long chain of tassels.

  • big comfy floor cushions around low tables is a great look. Not something I’ve managed to do in my own as I don’t have quite that much space, but I do have some nice indian floor cushions for guests.

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Unfortunately it looks like that is a polyester tent, and as such would not be suitable for IC. It does have to be canvas on the IC field.

As far as getting a spot to pitch, about 3 weeks before the event there will be posts from nation camp planners, probably on here and facebook asking for details of what canvas people want to pitch IC. You reply to that, usually with size, and also if you need any additional requirements (frontage for trading, quiet for children sleeping, access arrangements etc) The camp planner for your nation will then draw up a map of where everyone is supposed to be, and should be on site when you arrive to help translate that map to the field, and show you where to pitch.

Please note occasionally there isn’t space for everyone, priority is usually given to families with young kids, larger group tents etc so a tent used just for sleeping may have to go OC. Less of a problem for the Brass coast I believe but some of the bigger nations are getting tight for space.


I would second waiting to see how much the tent would be used before spending lots of money, unfortunately weather means that our tents remain closed a lot. I would also recommend an outdoor social area if possible, as these would get used a lot more. A canopy/awning and outdoor seating is hugely useful and makes you more accessible, especially for trading, but obviously logistics of transporting these things is the main issue.

Hmmm the rules on tents are here and from the look of it that fabric doesn’t look reflective. Send PD a picture before you buy it and they’ll make a call on if it’s allowed in the IC area. If it’s not good for IC take a look on as they have some 5m bell tents for £200 + vat at the moment.

Decoration wise if you can transport them these tables would be brilliant for the Brass Coast :). Also you should be able to track down some lanterns like these Moroccan lanterns and get some bright burning candles in them. I’d go for candles over fairy lights as you’ll get more illumination that way.

Colourful blankets to throw over anything non IC, that way you can use some plastic boxes to store stuff in. If you’re using camp beds getting some thin long ones that slide under them is perfect and then you can drape blankets down on the side :slight_smile:

The tent organisation on the field will be announced on the Brass Coast FB group, usually you stick your details down on a online doc of some kind.

As far as getting people through the door, having some hospitality and setting your price for it low should tempt people in :wink:.

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On the subject of pricing, just to make sure you are aware, you would usually ask for a ring or two if you want someone to be there, a crown if you are in the middle of something and would rather they come back later and a throne if you want to insult them. I’ve been allowed to sit by the fire for a song and I’m sure food or drink will also be considered a reasonable price. Once they have sat down, the seat is theirs until they leave. I’m not too sure how you go about asking someone to leave, I’m not even sure if you are supposed. If they do leave however, they have to pay to sit back down again, unless you have made some kind of arrangement.

A member of your family can sit down for free. They are the only people who you shouldn’t charge and shouldn’t charge you.

Unfffff, those tables, Mark! Great find!

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thanks this is all great. (those tables are wonderful). im likey not going to get the tent above now and will go for somthing more IC.
again thanks all any more is welcome.


Are you going to choose an archetype? If you are, that may give you an idea as to what to include in your tent. Of course, you don’t have to choose one, if you feel none of them fit your character.