Freeborn Traveller Character Concept

I’ve been thinking of a new character concept idea and I was wondering what you experienced forum veterans might think of it. The idea is that a Freeborn fellow, due to complicated backstory reasons, ended up sailing off on one of the boats of the family fleet in an attempt to make something of himself abroad. While visiting the various foreign nations of the Empire, he would update journal entries about his travels which he would later sell back in Anvil when the ship returned home, effectively making a travel guide to add to immersion and helping people to learn about the other cool places that can be found in foreign nations. This would be a character torn between some deep-rooted longing for home, and a desire to be see the world and perfect the freedom prised by the freeborn to new heights.
But anyways, here’s the starting skills:

Magician (2)
Extra mana (3)
Extra spell (2) Heal and Restore Limb
Chirgechon (1)

I’d say this character would be useful as a battlefield healer, but perhaps even more so as an ambassador or an ambassador’s assistant, or simply another freeborn stopping by with works to sell, trying to upgrade the family fleet.

I think it’s great idea with only one tweak needed, Empire characters need to answer the question of “what do you do at Anvil?” much more than “what do you do in Downtime?” So I’d have foreign travel be in your past and have The Empire (and it’s neigbours) as the place you’re coming back to to revisit now you’ve been away for so long.

That gives you a bunch of hooks to use on the field, as you can talk to all sorts of players about their homes, what’s been happening there in the last few years, what new stories and history they’ve got to share. Then you can plan visiting places in the Empire, while your fleet goes off and earns you money to travel :slight_smile:.

Stats wise you’re golden I reckon, but I’d start saving up for battle mage and some nice mage armour :slight_smile: . Then you can go wild with an offensive spell in Y2 :wink:.


Oh yeah, mage armour would be cool. For a healer though, it hopefully shouldn’t be necessary. I’ll have my character say something like “armour is for people who expect to get hit.” XD
I’ll also try and come up with a good reason why the character would be coming to Anvil. Probably some elaborate personality reason XD.
Thanks for the help

More stories and tales to harvest.

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This does work pretty well. You could easily spend the whole event going from camp to camp, swapping and telling stories…

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Thanks ^^ I’ll print out some diary entries and sell them in the library, so peeps can get a better sense of there being a world outside the Empire too. When I started exploring the foreign nations idea, it made the whole world more interesting to see it in a global context.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to be pretty knowledgable about the foreign nations. I advise reading up on the Winds of Fortune about foreign news, maybe for the last couple of events…

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Ambassador positions are limited and sometimes hotly contested, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get one. However, helping out an ambassador should be easy as they often need help.


Oh ok, I’ll keep it in mind. This character doesn’t necessarily need to be an ambassador, and might very well not becoming involved in that trade at all, it was just an idea.

If you ask around the field about where the Ambassadors might meet, go there, and say you’re interested in foreign policy and want to help, you will almost certainly find stuff they want help with.

As for why your Freeborn might be coming to Anvil:

-Maybe they have an opinion on the foreign temple in their homeland?'s_playthings#The_Temple_of_Balo_and_the_Black_Bull

There may be more “recent news” as we get closer to this event, or if you turn up in a few events time with this character, some different “recent news” that might have prompted them to finally go “What is going on in Anvil?”

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Oh ok, Coolio, thanks for the link. By the way, do players ever come to Anvil with reasons they came up with themselves? Like a priest might have promised his Urizeni grandfather to try to take a dose of true Liao and view their past lives, on account of him being convinced husband grandson is his reincarnated ancestor. Or perhaps a Highborn yeoman was sent to investigate the plays of the League so that their own noble courts could put on something similar?

Yes, plenty of PCs have their own backstory reasons for coming to Anvil.

Your Urizeni grandfather example is perhaps a little less likely, because true liao visions are fantastically rare things - in any given year maybe a dozen out of the millions of people in the Empire will receive one, so it seems quite a tall order to want to have one solely because someone else is curious. Having personal motivation to go for a past life vision is a great idea, though, because getting a past life vision is a great character goal - difficult, achievable and rewarding.

Highguard don’t have yeofolk or nobles - unless you were thinking of Dawn? A Dawnish guiser with a goal to investigate dramaturgy in the League would be logical - especially if it somehow linked into a future Test of Mettle as a long-term goal.