Freed slave

Im trying to build up my characters Backstory, and someone recommended to me that my character could be a freed slave - returning to the empire after years of Enslavement, or having been born into slavery and is now returning to their parents homeland to forge their own life.

is this possible in game? Like how does this work? any help is good help!

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Its certainly something you can do, id argue its a lot more work but you can get some interesting rp around it, your experience is going to vary a lot based on which tribe of Orcs enslaved you though.

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Hypothetically possible sure. I would take care to make sure you know which cultures actively use slaves and how they differ. Like a joten thrall is very different to an Asavan. And choose a captor that made the most sense with the story you wanted to tell.

Also consider if there are any events in recent imperial history that can tie your freedom to.

Like I’m not sure if Grendel slaves are a thing (that’s one to check the wiki for) but if it worked then you could perhaps use the raiding of dubtrag as they pint of your freedom, you would meet lots of characters who were there and could make new friends and game from that.

It’s an option and it’s not that uncommon on the field as a background option, you’ve got people rescued from the Druj in Reikos and Ossium, you’ve also got people freed in the two great raids against the Grendel, plus folk liberated in the Mournwold from the Jotun. I think we’ve even managed to get some slaves back from the Thule by negotiation.

If you were to do this you’d begin the game after you’d got your imperial citizenship, so you wouldn’t walk directly off the boat or away from being liberated straight into Anvil so there would be a bit of a gap where you learned about the Empire and your new nation’s customs.

What else would you like to know?


Grendal definitely have slaves, they’re one of if not the biggest slave trading nations, amongst others we know they have taken Urizeni as slaves, held orcs as slaves who we freed as part of the raid on dubtraig (there was a whole thing about getting them to skarsind and tried to prop up the slave using parts of Axos

well my character would of been taken her parents were taken and she was born into slavery, Would that work? and if so which group of barbarians do you think would best fit?
Also my character will end up in dawn so how welcoming would they be to my character? Im going to look for houses and such when i get to Anvil, so i can meet the people face to face.

im also planning on making a diary/s for my character, probably during the period after she was liberated but before she came to Anvil - just to have a more detailed look at her character and her adjusting to Anvil culture. What do you think i should include in it?

Thank you for ur answer and any answer you give this!
They are MASSIVE helps!!

A rather popular dawnish background is playing someone who, until recently was under druj occupation, trapped in the barrens.

But thanks to egrigor magic, any human can come from anywhere and (literally) magically learn and adopt the culture of what ever nation you choose.


Born into slavery would be interesting… it would mean that as a freed slave (somehow, from somewhere), you joined the Empire and a Nation likely in the last few years?

Certainly if rescued from the Druj at some point, there’s a fair chance of you having been kidnapped (sorry, liberated) by Dawn, as they (and Varushka) have been stampeding around in Druj territory for a couple of years…

…If you want a particularly miserable backstory, there’s this place…

Dawn will likely be very welcoming. They like tragedies with glorious endings :slight_smile: While pootling around Dawn at Anvil is a good way to meet people and pick a group, I’d advise making some “off-stage” friends anyway, so you can have someone to camp with, chat to, and ask to introduce you round.

These forums, and the Dawn Facebook page, work well for that.

(And there’s me, I’ve been in Dawn from the start. Feel free to send me PMs, questions, etc)

Hmmm, a diary of a new citizen… you’ll likely be having some time being cared for medically, and learning about the Empire (nations, the Way, basic history, and so on).

(Anvil is the capital, the Empire is the politically unified region. Some foreignors know it as the Cassinean Empire, as that’s the province that Anvil is in, but it’s citizens just know it as “the Empire”)

At some point, you will likely have learnt of the Imperial Orcs: the descendants of slaves carving out their own respect, reputation and region, you may find them inspiring or terrifying.

You’d have passed a citizenship test, likely with lots of folk younger than youself, and been bound to the nation of Dawn by one of the egregores.

After that you may have wandered the nation, looking for a House or town to capture your heart…? Before travelling, probably with some road-met friends, from Dawn to Anvil, to see the great and the good of the nation at peace and war, and choose where to plant your flag!

Are you likely to start as yeofolk or knight-errant?

I know of some other players planning to start as freed slaves in Dawn, do you wish to contact them?

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Thank you for the long post, this helps ALOT

Im not sure i want to go “Never having seen the sun before being liberated” miserable, but it definitely gives some insight into the Druj and how my character would of been treated, so it helps!

Im definatly going to make some ‘off stage’ friends at some point, im kinda holding out on doing that because im a uni student and i have no idea when im going to meet all you lovely people!

I’m probably going to start as a Yeofolk, until i find a house then once im settled there i’ll announce my intentions to become a Knights-errant - and also being collecting stories from around the Empire.

and yes, ive seen some people who have the backstory of being Freed Slaves, but again i don’t know when im coming so im holding off on bring irl people into my backstory.

hello there!! my character is also a freed slave from druj/ossium if you want to have a relation ??