French Speakers

I have a native French speaker who is considering coming along at some point this year but is understandably concerned that there be some French speaking element in the player base they can connect with and help them acclimatise to the world of Empire with less of a worry about language barriers or being clearly understood.

Is there a player contingent of French speakers, perhaps from The Asavean Archipelago?

I can speak French to a degree, and am playing a character in the League with background links to Asavea.

I am a fluent French speaker and would be happy to help them settle in and get comfortable in the system. I play Gideon in the Suns of Couros in Highguard.

There aren’t any player characters from Asavea as far as I’m aware. I am a fluent French speaker myself so could help out depending on what is needed; I’m also in Highguard (see signature).

At the moment players can only choose from nations within the Empire, so characters may have background links but there won’t be a group of French-speaking players on the field.

I have very rusty French that would do for making sure your friend was OK out of character and offering them water etc. but not nearly enough for explaining Empire, I’m afraid. I’m glad to see that there are others who can help!

Friends of mine are coming to E2 with their kids from France. Celine will be playing someone from The Asavean Archipelago who has married a Wintermark Trader. Her first language is French and their kids both speak mostly French but have pretty good English for 6 and 9. The 9 year old takes the English class at her school.

This will be their first even but they hope to come to more.