Fun (or dumb!) Character Builds/Concepts!

Hi all! I was wondering what are your silly and fun character builds or concepts!

I shall go first, as per the unwritten rules of the universe!

I came up with this idea while monstering a Artisan, but a Marcher who performs CPR to cast mend/ fix broken weapons, while also speaking in a Scottish accent and is remarkably chipper (I would probably name them Chip)
The build for this would be Artisan, Weapon Master and either Endurance or Magician if you could source a Mend wand

Another idea I had was an Exorcist Priest who carried a instrument/ tool that would trigger the Hearth Magic for any ghost. It would also be VASTLY impractical as he would carry around a orchestra’s worth of bells and horns. I would also have him have a shield with over 50 musical instruments on it, for the style
The Build for this would be Dedication, Exorcist, Hero, Cleave and Shield

What are yours?

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I’m not sure it counts, since it’s kind of a national archetype in the League, but…

Sword and dagger, unarmoured bravo.

It’s often mentioned that it’s at the very least not the most optimised. Ambidexterity is a skill you have to pay for and a dagger cannot match a shield (even a buckler) for protection; add in the lack of armour (or just one pauldron) which limits both protection from cleave / impale and additional hits, you get what is on paper not a great build.

The thing is that it’s fun to play. All those armoured allies that you can run faster than, so you get to hide behind someone else’s shield. You stay cool and don’t tire so easily, you get to look great in your best outfit without covering it in drab metal plates.

Throw in some heroic abilities (Stay With Me and Get It Together are good, Cleaving Strike is great) and you have someone who is both hard to pin down and an actual threat.

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More an RP than a mechanical build

A Marcher.

A deeply in denial/unaware of visible lineage Briar (speaking in the best Yorkshire broad) who could politely phrased as ‘thick of thigh an’ thick of head, but a decent chap, all things considered’ with an immense love of writing (unaware that it is absolutely stonkingly terrible) poetry…and inflicting it upon the general population of both the Village and all of Anvil