Future character ideas

Although I’m really enjoying playing my current character, I frequently find myself inundated with ideas for potential future characters. I’m curious to see if this is the case with many other players, so I thought I’d make this thread for people to talk about their other character ideas if they wanted to.

My current ideas:

  • Marcher Briar, Landskeeper. This character has been in my head pretty much since event 1. I started with the simple fact that I have very green eyes without needing contacts (and which look even greener when put with brown/green facepaint), and the idea grew from there. As those to whom I frequently froth about her can attest, I have a LOT of keen for this one. Depending on the circumstances when I do start playing her, she might come in with a group or as part of a pair or maybe even on her own. Will probably be going for high-lineage; I am currently resisting the temptation to start putting together latex phys-reps already.

  • Artisan, maybe with magic, almost certainly Merrow and probably Urizen. I would love to have a crack at following the economy with this one. My goal would be to become a source of information for deciding whether or not it’s worth it to spend one resource to gain another, or for running cost/benefit analysis on certain potions/items. Might also collect data on the demand for certain resources. The changing economy in the game would make for some good game, I think.

  • Highguard with significant mistrust for lineaged people. I think it’d be a cool challenge to play a person with very ingrained prejudices without making those prejudices one-dimensional.

  • Varuskhan Stzena. Just 'cuz I know a bunch of klezmer fiddle music already.

  • Someone from the Brass coast, purely because of the gorgeous costumes.

Nervous healer type from Highguard. Probably unlineaged; potentially mild changeling (because irrational psychotic episodes are great) or cambion (because as anyone who knew my Maelstrom character may remember, I like to spray myself with glitter). I’m still slightly put out that glitter is a cambion trapping and not a changeling trapping. :slight_smile:

Physick and mage with the Swift Heal incantation and Spring Lore, going after Lore 2 in the longer term, to make the single highest concentration of healing one can get on one person. Doctor’s bag. Black robe, black hooded cloak, potentially plague-doctor outfit for special cases. Buckler labelled ‘GONAD SHIELD’ for placing between wand and sensitive areas of patient before casting spells. Endless supply of thin white cloth gloves and aprons, one set per patient off the field, one set per battle. (Again, I like wearing gloves in LARP).

Catchprase: ‘Don’t panic!’ General approach to life: extreme nervousness. Clearly terrified of everything. Pilgrim of Courage or Loyalty. NO POLITICS. Absolutely no politics, also no politics. Hates and fears public speaking. Excellent singer if he can be persuaded he isn’t being listened to. Possibly evolves in play to have a ‘let me through, I’m a doctor’ switch that can flip in his head, turning into an elitely competent type who will scream at people getting between patient and recovery, but that depends very much on whether such situations arise.

oh my god you guys

I am a font of character ideas I will never get round to playing.

*]Highguard Wayfarer of Wisdom; Unveiled Changeling. Gets me my Highguard and religion fixes, which I’m already missing after one event without them, but in a significantly different way to my .1. Particular fun comes from having Strong Opinions on Lineage and the meaning of Unveiling and not being afraid to spew them everywhere. Also, Changelingrage plus “chastise the foolish” is a recipe for win.
*]I’d love to play an Imperial Orc Preacher and get into the theology of the orcish soul.
*]Navarr Naga. “Oh Virtues you have cold drinks with fruit in this is amazing I’ve been on the road for seven and a half months” in Anvil, screaming primal exultation at the feeling of my weapon carving into the enemy on the battlefield - because the Navarr are the scions of an ancient civilisation who use the idea of abandoning civilisation’s limits against their enemies, and there’s some Fun and Games around that that I’d love to play with.
*]And finally on the list for now, at least - Steinr Runesmith seems like an interesting one. Get my hero on, fight big monsters as a battlemage, and enjoy the synergy of my OC desire to feel like a badass hero with the Wintermark cultural desire to be a badass hero.

MorkaisChosen, I know how you feel! I have so much keen for characters that I probably won’t play for ages, unless Lucia dies of course. I reckon between these and all the other random lineage/nation/skills combinations that strike me as being fun, I’m pretty much set for several years to come.

I have a whooooole spreadsheet of character I want to play!

First on the list should The Worst happen:
A Freeborn Corsair/Ritualist. It will be OTT and awesome.

A Marches Briar Landskeeper is on there as well!

Oh and a Highguard Battle Exorcist. :smiley:

and many many more.

MorkaisChosen: I can highly recommend playing a Navarr Naga. They are made of win.

dawn or highguard, due to the fact i’d land up using a shield and blade because rarely use those weapons and I can then practice with sword shield and stabbing spear.

Ooh, I hope mine and yours are both in play at the same time!

when i larp outside of empire i pretty much always defualted to the stock arabic/berber character but what cuaght my eye was a exscuse to wear landsnckect gear and be in the league -------- but if i die i shall definitely play a grizzled old brass coast archer (i have my eye on a 30lb wood and horn recurve)

I desire for perfectly reasonable reasons to put Percival in more danger - the initial concept means it’s necessary so people can rescue him. If people don’t rescue him… well, fortunately I have all these ideas. :smiley:

Currently thinking of an Orc character next, not sure what exactly - possibly warrior dependent on my fighting ability by that point!

Otherwise, Highguard [insert chapter here!] Spring mage/healer-y type.

At the moment I’m tempted by a battle mage, with staff and mage armour. Mainly to prove some of the folk who think it’s underpowered that they’re wrong but also because I fancy playing someone with a lot of a swagger and a lack of concern with their own mortality. I wonder how longer someone who’s free with the Venom spell could last on the battlefield :slight_smile:. Possibly a Leaguer with a bravo sensibility or a corsair type in the Brass Coast.

Roaming priest of Vigilance dedicated to removing all references glorifying false virtues (or other heresies) from songs. Extremely pedantic and prepared to start arguments over single words, while for the most part ignoring more serious politics. Humourless, suspicious but not actually that observant.

The present concept is Dawnish troubadour possibly heading in play towards highguard.

I have a couple of idea:
A Stormcrow Draugir whose characterisation would be a combination of Girolamo Savonarola of the Borgias series and Palpatine. Deeply principled, clever and ruthless.

An Orc Warcaster or Oathwright who has a tempestuous relationship with his Ancestor who has the standard distaste of humans that many ancestors have but a completely irrational hatred for a particular barbarian Orc tribe.

As I lack the stamina to keep up with the Orcs, I was looking at…
… That is to say, Dawnish Questing Knight and Priest of Courage. A boisterous bruiser with no indoor voice and a tendency to annoy people just to force them to stand up for themselves (Courage!). Often struck, grudges rarely held, convoluted “test of mettle” story involving a moat and a trebuchet…

I got the idea in my head after hearing the synod stats for event 1 (Dawn and Courage were both lightly represented at first) and now he wont get out of it.

I kind of want to play a Joey-Lucas-from-the-West-Wing-inspired pollster (I guess as a Priest of some description), trying to support friendly senators by polling ahead of any motions they want to put forward. But I’m not sure how it would work.

I also have an idea for an Urizen Sevenfold Path metaphysic-botherer that won’t go away.

Plus my group’s backup group concept in Highguard, as a bunch of Spetsnaz-inspired Unconquered.

I appear to have acquired another concept - kinda want to reDawn at some point, show up as a Knight Errant, and see if I can be INSPIRING!!! enough to INSPIRE!!! people who, if they stop and think, will remember they’re more important than me. :wink:

Oo, this one! It’s always good to have more violinists to play with, and that’s a style with which I’ve had only little contact.