Stupidly ordered the XXL instead of the XL of this: … 499c90815b
It’s unworn but will cost too much to send back. Anyone interested?

Is it brown or black, because if brown then I’d be interested.

It is indeed Brown :smiley: I can bring it along if you are interested otherwise i will probably give e-bay a go… don’t think i can bring myself to adapting it

Unfortunately I won’t be attending E1 but will definitely be there for E2, so if you can wait then that would be great or I can do paypal, alternatively see if someone wants to give you cash at E1 and I’ll buy another one myself. :slight_smile:

might be interested cant see a size guide on the website how big is it in inches? or cm and how will I find you at the event


I’m bringing this along to the event. Welly has claimed 1st dibs but if it’s not sold and you might be interested look for me in the Wintermark camp. Names “Osric” and I am with the Solvi Fyrd.