Gambesons. the start of any good combat kit.

I make my own, and I’m not that much of a costumer. I’ve been meaning to do a write-up for a while, but as I’m slack,

Here is the best guide to making your own gambeson I know of.

Have fun!

I quilted my own mage armour using that guide and it tested the limits of my sewing machine, mediocre skills and patience as it jammed a lot. Looked pretty good in the end though, so worth it :smiley:. Any tips for keeping the thread from snagging? I was using a military surplus wool blanket as batting there though.

Sounds like a tension problem Jim.

Make sure you are using the same thread on the top & Bottom bobbins.

read the manual for your machine.

Play around on a test swatch to get the hang of it.

Solve the problem before you try to finish the garment.