Gambling in Anvil

Hi, so I was wondering are there any places or games in particular that people go to/play to gamble? I’ve heard it’s a thing but not sure how to get stuck in with it.

There is a casino attached to the Hammer pub in Urizen. And it makes a lot of money, so I imagine there are other gambling joints.

The tables in the casino appear to be card tables, but I have never seen them in action.

You’ll be able to find various games of skill, luck and chance in the bars of the League and others.

There’s a casino in the League, with a few different games.

Alternatively, it’s not hard to just suggest a bet on something, e.g. when you’re watching a competition or speculating on the outcome of whatever.

I have tried to learn some old pub style die gambling games like inn’s and inn, perudo, ect,