Games for Combat Training

Hi all! I was directed to cross-post this from FB to make it easier to find.

It’s been a long, long while since any of us were able to thwack one another with foam weapons so I imagine most of us are pretty damn rusty. To keep my keen up, I’ve been preparing a collection of games/scenarios intended to help people who run their own combat training sessions or might be looking to set some up in the near future. I’m hoping to do more of this down the line with expanded collections, archery games and more. This particular document may also be further updated with additional quotes or balance tweaks.…/1kXiMxTix5ILl3ntsI6N…/view…

The document contains 50 games split into 4 different sections:

  • Free-for-all

  • Duelling

  • Team

  • Challenges

Each game tries to hone a different set of skills and should be accessible for players both new and experienced. If you have any further games or ideas that you wouldn’t mind being added to an expanded or future collection then please do get in touch or reply below :smiley:

You will also be able to purchase an IC physical copy of this document on the field sometime in the near future (hopefully).