Gardening, Wildlife & The Environment

I originally grew up surrounded by nature on a farm but i moved out and started working & living independently from a young age and it was only upon moving out that i started to become aware of how rare or uncommon a lot of animals (which i have grown up surrounded by) really were in the wider world of this country. So when i was fortunate enough to buy my own place i started a mission to make my garden as beneficial to nature as it could possibly be (while also being cool/stylish at the same time).

Almost 5 years later and its still an ongoing process (i’m limited in both time & the restrictions of my back) but my garden has still brought me so much joy in witnessing first hand the massive improvement in wildlife in it: 4 years ago it was simply a lawn with some sparsely planted flowerbeds going around the sides but now there is a pond, decking and much greater quantities of flower beds, plants and plants beneficial to wildlife in general. We’ve had 2 bumblebee nests (I LOVE BEE’S <333 !!!) in the past 2 years (one is still active as i type), we have hedgehogs, wood mice, frogs, a huge diversity of insects and a huge variety of birds visiting the garden (including woodpeckers and some rare birds but i particularly enjoy the nesting blackbirds & robins).
And its not just a wildlife garden too- the decking provides a cool chillout area (its great chilling out outside with some cool beers on a warm summers evening sitting next to the pond & waterfall and surrounded by trees & bushes etc) and i try and grow some fruit/veg each year too (have mostly tomatoes going on at the moment).

Is anyone else here into gardening for wildlife or gardening in general?