Gate booking procedure


I’m not booked for this weekend’s event, but I have become able to atttend and my car is packed with kit ready to head up tomorrow morning. I checked the website to see if I could make a character, but the servers are on site.

What is the procedure for people who haven’t booked? Will I be able to pay on the gate and make a character on site?

I’ve only been to a couple of events, and those right at the start of the system, so I’m planning to go to the new players meeting. See you there!

Yes you can pay on the gate, it’s more expensive but I wouldn’t be able to tell you how much more. This will also mean that your character pack will not be available to just pick up when you arrive and you might have to wait till the Saturday to get your resources.

If you need to make a new character you can do it on the computers at God.

Yes, you can.

When you turn up, explain you’re here to pay on the gate. They’ll probably (IIRC) tell you to get set up, and then head down to GOD. Pay GOD, and create a character on the player computers there. Once you’re done creating your character, let them know and you’ll get given your resources and so on.

I seem to recall that Gate price is £70, but I couldn’t swear to it. Having cash is (as always) easier in a field.