hi all just woundering what time the gates are open/closed each day the wiki is unclear

Arrival Times

Players are allowed on site from 11am on the Thursday before the event starts. There is an additional charge of £5 to arrive one day early, this is paid on the gate.

The gate will close at 10pm and will open again at 10am on Friday morning. If you are arriving after this time, there will be a number on the gate that you can call and security will open the gate to allow you in.

so the question im at work Monday morning need to leave site for 6:30 can I drive out? or will the gate be closed?

cheers mike

All official people will be on site now so may not be able to give you an answer.
However it is likely that the gates will be shut at that time in the morning. Go into GOD, before monday morning and explain the situation & they will make sure someone can open the gate for you.

Thort that might be the case worst comes to worst I will park my car outside the gates Sunday evening

Thanks mike

I have arrived and left outside of the official opening times and always been able to get back on site or off. Sometimes I had to call the security number and normally within a few minutes a red cap comes and opens the gate for you.