General: Changes to catering and volunteer slots

Meanwhile, in other news, we have a couple of event announcements. After something like a decade of catering our events, Feast have decided to call it a day. We’re really sorry to see them go, Andrea and Ady who run Feast have been part of PD for a very long time and we’ll miss working with them.

In the short term we’ve asked Mhorish to run two stalls at the next event, one in the IC area and one in the OOC area. I’ve made clear to them that what we want at events is a wide range of food at sensible prices. We’ll monitor the situation carefully and if the new solution works out then we’ll look to build on that - if it doesn’t then once we have a bit more time we’ll look at other options.

We’re also making some changes to the way we deliver quests. For the last year or two we’ve been pre-announcing some “nation slots” when we’ve asked players from that nation to help out doing some extra volunteering with monsters. After looking at the situation, that hasn’t produced good outcomes for everyone - the individual slots are almost always inconvenient for one or more nations (usually Dawn!) and the idea for a feedback mechanism linking further plot to numbers of volunteers just caused all sorts of horrid problems. So we’re dumping all that and trying a new approach at the next event.

The plan is to announce three or four “extra volunteer slots”. In practice you can come and volunteer to monster at any time during the event pretty much - we’re always grateful for more help. But these slots will be when we’re specifically asking players to consider coming down and helping. We realize not having a single slot for each nation will mean we get less volunteers overall - but we’re hoping that we’ll still get a fair few and the flexibility will mean that players can fit it round their game - rather than fitting it round ours.

Helping out in one of those slots will be strictly voluntary - it’s something to do if you enjoy it or want to give something back to the game. Our plan is to time-table our bigger quests and skirmishes in those slots and use the extra volunteers we get to bulk out our dedicated skirmish crew. Keep your eyes on the wiki - we’ll update it in the next few days with the event details and we’ll use this page and an email to let everyone know the “best times to volunteer” as soon as they’re released.