Getting ahold of Weapons

Hi! I’m a new player, I’m planning on playing a Dawnish Witch at my first ever event next month. I don’t know how to get ahold of some good weaponry though. I’ve not seen any site that sells Staves or Rods that I’m interested in, so far. I heard from somewhere that buying equipment on site (with barbarian money) is a good idea, because it will definitely meet regulation. Can I do this with magic implements? Otherwise, I don’t know what to do to get ahold of a good implement, so I can be useful. Any advice?

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You can absolutely buy staves, rods and wands at the event - most weapon sellers stock these as well as swords, etc.

Although they are more likely to pass weapons check, there is still always a chance that they won’t. However, since they are being sold right there, you can always take them straight back for a refund, which is definitely a plus!

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So would you recommend I buy weapons there, then? So I can see what I’m buying? I hate online shopping…

Yes. Definately. Buy on site. Magical implements are one of the more uncommon items in the traders, but there’s usually a few to choose from. I think I bought my current rod from Eldritch and stave from Having a Larp.

Buying on site is generally a better idea for most things. For weaponry it is very much the wisest course.

(If you find yourself completely stuffed, I may be able to lend you a rod, fellow Dawnish war-witch…)


Gosh, everyone here is so nice… Thank you! Glad to know I’m making a good decision!


Absolutely agree with Geoffrey. I spent ages searching for a staff I liked online, with no luck. Being able to actually see and handle them in person meant I found something that suited me.


I’m going to just throw out my recommendations

Skian Mhor make the pretty ones
Having A Larp makes great Mage Armour and other bits
Darkblade i have heard good things about, and make amazing leather bits
And if Saxon Violence is at the event AND selling staves? We’re gonna have a race for em.