Getting Illium

I’m looking for some Ilium however currently lack the funds, in both rings and assests - is there any other method people would accept as payment? Perhaps labour or work as a squire etc. I am a skilled apothecary with access to both potions of immense power and poisons of incredible strength. I’m up for anything, within reason.

This is, I suspect, one of those requests best made on the field.

What you can do though, is find out who holds an Illium seat in the Bourse, or who is likely to have access to some (which may include some lucky fishermen this season…), and then plan to approach them in up-time.

Trading a stack of potions, possibly including a contract to supply more as supplies allow, may get you a ring or two…


There are Illium National Bourse positions that they the holders didn’t have to pay for, so you could talk to them. There are also a few other positions that come with a bounty of Illium who could be persuaded to part with it for a good cause if you look around.

Although you’d better have a good argument prepared as it is one of the most valuable substances in the Empire, second only to True Liao :slight_smile:.


Geoff is right, by the way - hope the ideas here are useful, but actually finding people who will trade you ilium is something you should do during the game or through IC communication, which this forum is not. Best of luck with it! :slight_smile:

I will suggest checking the list of owners of Illium seat holders
and there is also a cincture about that can trade for illum.

Arm thy self with this knowledge, go forth and find these people for they who hold what you desire.

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thanks : )

Remember that Grandmasters of the Conclave Orders also receive a bounty of Ilium, so if your IC use is in line with that order’s goals, you may get somewhere!