Getting to Empire

Hey, I am interested in starting at empire with my friend in September, but I dont have a car and its hard to get there by public transport, any suggestions or help would be great as that is mainly what has been putting me off attending, oh I also live in Essex if that helps?

It’s not too bad to get there by public transport as PD have a minibus. Suggestions for helping with public transport kit burden:

Find somewhere to sleep that isn’t bringing your own tent. If there is a group tent, that really helps.
How keen are you on fighting? Something that doesn’t involve armour and weapons is so much easier to pack for.
It can get really cold at night so make sure you don’t skimp on things that will keep you warm, hence my suggestions on what you can cut if possible.
You might not need to go by public transport after all! This Facebook group Empire LRP: Travel Arrangements might be able to find you a lift. I know there are Empire people in Essex.


Paging @Bradstyley to this thread…

Thanks for the reply and advice, my friend has a tent he said I can share his tent and I would really like to take part in the fighting, I will look into that group thanks :slight_smile:

If you can get a lift to/from Empire with another player, they may charge you a pittance for fuel money, but mostly you’ll end up listening to rambling stories about past events…

This may be a good or a bad thing :slight_smile:

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