Getting to know my nation

Hey, I’m playing a Freeborn, I came to the last event but i camp with my friends in the Navvar IC site, I never got a chance to see much of the Brass Coast besides selling alcohol to them, and I was too hungover to take part in the fight (just as well considering the death toll)

just wondering what events or groups would be good for me to come to have a chat with, regarding the Brass coasts future plans, where to get fleet enchantments and how the Brass Coast fight in the Field.

speaking of fighting I’m also looking to find a good group to fight alongside (I’m an archer with chirugeon skill)

Thanks in advance.

Join the Brass Coast Facebook page! It’s a bit unusual camping IC with another nation

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i know, there’s four of us that go, they’re all Navvar, but green isn’t my colour:grin:
plus i love the Brass Coast honesty system, never being one to talk in circles.

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I’m also free born and fill a lack of connecting to my nation but I think the best way is to just ask.

I fell like the brass coast are a bit like the dwarfs in a fantasy book. we like money to flow, good quilty goods and to be forward with are talking.

(just to note i, of course, am not saying we are just like fantasy dwarf but we are a tiny bit alike.)

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well put never thought of the freeborn like that, and its funny because i always play dwarfs in other fantasy games.

If you want to get your fleet enchanted, just ask around for the hakima, they are most likely the people with the staves or sticks. They are the magicians of the brass coast and are all about casting rituals. They also are also held in quite high esteem and they will know a bit about what is going on generally within the brass coast.

Family is very important. If you can get a family quickly, it will give you a base of operations and it will mean that you don’t keep dumping money out to do anything in the brass coast. Family are the only people who will not charge you for their service in the brass coast (though some may forget to do charge you if they are having a good enough time).

Money in the brass coast is like ice cream on a hot day, everyone wants it but if you aren’t careful, it will all just pour away and all you can do is just keep replacing it. Money is very important, coins have special meaning and the value you attribute to something is also important. When I’ve gone to ask to sit down at the brass coast camp I’ve been lucky. They have wanted me there so they only charged me a ring. If they were busy, it would be a crown and if they wanted to insult me it would be a throne.

Try and find glass, dust or flame, the egregores of the brass coast. They should help you quite a bit. Glass, dust and flame (not the egregores the actual physical thing) are also symbols of the brass coast and important to them.

At the end of the year, the brass coast have something called the broken wheel where they can go against all their principles and act unvirtuous (within reason) for the night. There is a lot of lying and tomfoolery. That is there big event. Unfortunately you missed it.

@domsnake is planning on making flyers with information on. Maybe look into buying one, I’m sure it will help you both out.

I feel like there are small rivalries almost between certain nations. Everyone tells me this isn’t true but I believe there is some between high guard and the brass coast, partly because the founders of the brass coast set out from high guard a long time ago because they didn’t think there was enough freedom. That is the people of both nations are called ‘____’ born.

Fun facts: the brass coast election is done through biding.
Black is the colour of death, white is the colour of poverty. High guard like their black and the dead are very important to them so this may be where this colour thing comes from.
If you can are good at writing, you can make money by creating fancy contracts as contracts are an important thing in the brass coast. If someone goes back on a contract with you and you have a family, it is likely that family will come and make sure that the contract is fulfilled if you aren’t able to get the person to do it.
You will find that music is fairly big in the brass coast and alcohol fairly easy to come by cheaply. This means you shouldn’t miss this kind of stuff too much from leaving the navarr area.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


wow. i think that was put better then the wiki is done.

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Thank you. It seems my experience with the brass coast and with high guard has come in handy. I find that pairing them up with explanations can help a bit as in some ways they are yin and yang. Another example of pairing is the marchers and dawn but they are not relevant to this topic.

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Appropriate, given that the Marchers broke away from Dawn, and the Brass Coast broke away from Highguard…

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that was brilliant, i did make it to the last event last season so seen the broken wheel, and i know about the colour schemes with black and white

I wouldn’t mind starting my own family? is this difficult to do? I’d try and recruit new starters too so we could all learn together.


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No problem. I think the main part of having a family or any group at anvil would be to have somewhere as a base of operations. You will find that a lot of people will seek fires and such things in the evenings and so people are more likely to join a family that can provide warmth and a bit of shelter. If you can get hold of a simple roof of some kind and a few chairs and such things then maybe you could set somewhere up.

The next part of setting up a group is getting the people. It will be easier if you are interested in doing similar group things or can do lots of individual stuff. For example, if one of you wants to be a ritualist and another person wants to be a solider, your goals may clash a bit because you won’t have a big enough fighting force to really do anything fancy and you won’t have enough people to perform anything but the very simple rituals. If you have a bigger family, this won’t matter. It would also be good to have one person with a little bit of experience in the group to help you out, I may be able to give a bit of a suggestion with a bit of thought.

Be prepared to have very little influence over anything in the brass coast. It is unlikely that you will have the coin to back up your ideals but if you are silver tongued enough, you may be able to lessen the ill effects.

Ideally, a family will be able to provide food and drink for its members. I’m currently working on a food guide looking at going from simple to more complex with food so that may help you there.

In the end though, a family is about having people who have your back, you will eat together and spend the nights together. If you are willing to put in some effort and so are the people who join you, I see no reason why you can’t make a new family.

I’ve never tried to make any group before so here is the link to the wiki as it may be able to help you a bit more than I can:

Setting up a small group from scratch. On a more general basis, as the Brass Coast specifics have been covered above.

  1. Work out how many people are starting the game as part of the group. This can be anything from just you, to you and a dozen close friends you’ve known for years, with many variations. I enlarged my group and met folk for the first time at events, having recruited them on facebook etc in downtimes.

  2. Decide what sort of group you want, what group goals you may have, and the IC stuff, such as backstory, symbols, colours, and so on. Note that you can easily have a group that shares little but a hearth, scattering to pursue various ends and then coming back to dinner having not seen each other all day. This is fine, but you do build a better sense of community if you have something else tying you together.

  3. Decide whether you want an IC camp. If no, then try to make sure that you can all camp together OOC, as otherwise you’ll have little to bind you. If yes, then you’ll likely want, at a minimum, a small gazebo and some chairs. Add in a flag, a rug, a couple of small tables, you’ve got somewhere for people to find you, and a gathering place for your group.

  4. Ensure it has a place in the gameplay. Tell your facebook group, your egregore, the camp planner, and especially PD, so that people can opt in to the group during character generation.

  5. Remember to have fun, and that all things are transitory. No group lasts forever, but you can have a hell of a good time along the way.

I also, some time ago, scribbled up my thoughts on feeding at Anvil. IWillGetThingsRong, you may find this of help, perhaps:


I’ve already seen it while looking through to see if anything was similar to what I wanted to do. My guide will be a little bit more in-depth going. I will look at warm food and cold food then looking at taking them step by step into something more fancy. The title is surviving to thriving which might give you an idea of what I’m trying to do. If it is treading on your toes, I’m happy to put it at the bottom of yours in the comments. I don’t mind.

Oh no, you do your own thing! I claim no ownership or authority over the topic, and look forwards to reading your thread! :smiley:

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Thank you.