Gifting Open Tickets

If I were to buy an open ticket is it possible to gift it to a friend for them to use?

Usually, it would be a case of checking names at the gate, but was unsure if the open tickets meant it was also open-of-use as well as open to any event.

Thank you!

Yes open tickets don’t have a name on them so they can be transferred to another person you just need their Pid.

You do need to assign them to an event before you get to the field though if you want to use them at a particular event.

Details on this page Open tickets - Empire

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Thank you, one issue there is the “already attended” as it was going to be for a new player. Darn!

I would email admin @ and explain what you want to do, I suspect they may be able to work magic on the back end if the front end won’t let you!


If you haven’t already, you might want to consider the discount available to a new player using a refferal code and the person referring them. If you’re buying the new player’s ticket anyway then you save £30 in the long run by not using an open ticket, though I don’t know if open tickets can use the discount as well.

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