GOD heads of department AMA

A bandwagon appears!

Erin and I are co-heads of GOD, the folk who give you your character packs and process your potions and generally look after many of the million pieces of out-of-character administration needed at the event to keep things running.

AMA! Or, more accurately, AUsA!

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You are all awesome people, what sort of presents do you (plural) like when you’re at the desk? Cake?

Thank you!

Uncontroversial answer: you super do not need to get us anything! We do very much appreciate the small gifts a few folk bring, but we really don’t expect it.

Controversial answer: honestly, personally, the thing I’d love to have more of is fruit. I find it very easy to graze while in GOD, and having something to snack on like an apple or satsuma or some carrot sticks rather than the never-ending supply of Freddos would probably be good for me, given how much I often end up craving vegetables by the end of the event!


What one thing can players do to make your job(s) easier?

What bonus thing can they do to make it even more so?

Excellent question! I’ve answered something very similar in the Facebook version of this post, so I’m going to copy my answers over here:

  • Try to have your PID ready; if you don’t know it, try to have it written down somewhere accessible and get it out while you’re queuing. The way the database is set up, it’s much quicker for us to look people up from PID/CID than anything else.
  • Tell us up-front what you’re trying to do. That’s the one bit of information we need before a PID, because we need to know which bit of the database interface to load up to put the PID in the search box.
  • Come talk to us regardless! The whole reason we’re here is to help (even if you don’t really know what you’re after and have lost your PID!) and I think we all genuinely enjoy getting to help people and solve their problems, else we wouldn’t be in GOD. If it’s busy, you have something that isn’t strictly urgent, and it’ll take a while to resolve, we might ask you to come back later, but we do all want to help you.

To which Erin added:

PID helps massively, I do love the little tags I’ve seen people attaching to themselves to remember. (Took me nearly 10 years to remember mine so don’t be worried if you can’t if you can recall your IC name we can rummage you out.)

If you have a time limit on when you need a thing please try and come sooner so we can get you sorted in time.

Be prepared to repeat yourself to clarify details, with the noise when its busy we sometimes struggle to hear clearly and we want absolutely to get it right for you first time!

As Adam says come and have a chat if you have a question we’ll try and get you an answer and we enjoy seeing you all.