Golden Pyramid Questions

Hi all,

Looking at my build for my Navarr Broker (Dylan) I’ve decided on the Golden Pyramid as I’m more or less a commerce mage. I’d like to start as a marked up member but would prefer to chat to another member/s of the order to make sure I’m on theme.

If you are a member of the Golden Pyramid and would like to chat please feel free to get in touch.

Simon (Dylan)

The only theme is expecting pay for magic as i understand it, Conclave orders are considerably looser than other groups, im sure whatever you come up with should be fine!

That’s a shame. I would like to think they did more like enchant businesses, have an expectation to collect info on potential business contacts etc

That certainly sounds like things members of the Golden Pyramid would be interested in potentially. The orders apart from their basic theme care about whatever their members care about and what their Grandmaster can pursuade them to support. There’s a lot of scope to do things, the people just need persuading :slight_smile:


Mark probably covered it better than me tbh :smiley: Due top the way covens work Conclave orders arent the best way to coordinate them though as you can only do rituals with members of your own nation. It IS a great way to meet like minded wizards and potentially form Covens though, or get advice on such a commercial venture.

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I’m not part of the Golden Pyramid myself, but I am part of another order that has projects on the go. Your best bet is to get stuck in and ask them what they do. You cannot create a cross-nation coven, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have certain plans or ideas. Working with others in the order to collect business contacts sounds like a great idea, and something that they’d likely be interested in doing if they aren’t already.

(Just to note as I mentioned elsewhere, don’t rule out the other personal resources as well - enchanting fleets, farms, even herb gardens is a form of commerce. The Empire doesn’t run on coin alone!)

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Definitely. I’m working on boosting others resources and connecting people. I have a good book and quill set to note down what people need, want and can help with. Going heavy on the connected Broker gig with a few bits of magical spice.

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Great idea - perhaps working with others in the Golden Pyramid to create a dossier of covens that do resource enchanting which people could then consult when they need it, could be useful!

If you’re going to be learning resource enchantments, I massively recommend spending an evening with a spreadsheet and the wiki pages for the enchantments you’re interested in. Unlike the Mana into Fun enchantments like the ones that give CLEAVE, information, etc, they’re not worth doing unless mana is cheap enough (or you have wangled access to cheap vis).

The key skill for an economancer isn’t Realm Lore, but mana arbitrage :wink: . It’s not always worth enchanting a business if mana is expensive, as you might lose money. This is especially true with a solo magician who can’t scale up that tasty discount for enchanting multiple targets at once.

So have a think about what other rituals you might be doing when not trying to sell buffs.


I did a huge dive into the economy mage build when I was building my first character. With the current cost of crystal mana, profits are pretty marginal, even when scaling up from solo to small/medium coven size. If you’re looking to make money, you’re probably best off trading resources and working your way up to a trade group (aka cartel) that deals in Bourse resources.

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Yeah I did the maths and it’s not the best for cash but might be useful for gaining favour and making contacts. Theres a few things like Scales of Ephisis that I’m definitely taking but we will see about the others

Tip for scales of Ephisis: There’s a crew member on the other side of it, and they have to work out what you get. By now, probably about 100 covens have sent cake :stuck_out_tongue: . If you’re going to be sending stuff, have a think about what might cause story, or trouble, especially if it gets back into play when another coven does the rituals.

A pile of Dragonbone is just a commodity. But a written favour marked out to Bearer? A one off item from the Bourse Auction? A pile of gossip reports? Something illegal, or compromising, or linked to another plot or another Eternal? That has potential. Things that are actually hard to put a value on, or that the crew team can react to with “yes, and…” are more likely to get you plot.


Thanks for the tip. I was going to collect a few investors to make the trade interesting.

I thought written things are literally worth the paper they’re written on with Ephesis’ scales? And even then she prefers more ‘concrete’ things (though i suppose all Autumn eternals might at least some interest in info)?

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Not necessarily - the ritual page mentions people offering “scrolls of unknown ritual magic; deeds of ownership, sometimes Imperial sometimes otherwise” in the past. The issue seems to come when just trying to communicate directly with her:
“Some ritualists attempt to influence Ephisis’ counter-offer by including a scroll or letter with the submitted goods. This generally seems to have no effect, although one scholar suggested that Ephisis and her factotums may treat the paper and ink as additional offered trade goods, rather than viewing them as an attempt at communication.”

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It 100% needs to be readable without touching anything in the box though, rolled up or folded stuff is worth its weight in paper. :wink:

Also bear in mind things have to have actual campaign value!

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Thanks for the input everyone. I’m going to enjoy using this one. I love a bit of random to apply some resourcefulness to.

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