Good IC tent?

Not sure if I placed this in the correct section but would this tent be good for IC camping as a Navarr?

That looks fine to me.

I know people who use them. They’re fine.
Cheaper here: Polish Army Lavvu tent – MilitaryMart
(but maybe the one from Gems is new?)

Or this is similar, also being a pair of shelter halves that can be joined together to make a small tent:

Looks good to me. Would fit Navarr fine.

I think in a pinch it could work, but you’d be better off using that for a place to keep food and things like armour and costume on the field. Then use an OOC tent to sleep in as you’re not too far from OOC camping in Navarr. It is a very small tent and you’ll be better off rested in something a bit bigger I’d say.


I see your point, I will probably ooc camp but are there any bit ic camping equipment or other useful things like a lantern or food bowl that are good to have ic?

I would recommend a Tankard/drinking vessel, water bottle, small light source (torch or lantern) and that’s about it.
A small bowl could be a nice addition and a discrete spoon and fork but that depends on how much cooking at camp you will do.

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A small blanket or something inside the tent might be handy, something to put stuff on.

Any armour or heavy kit you may well want to store there, but be wary of storing anything (in-game) valuable there, such as resources or magic items (with ribbons on).

I believe that the current rules on theft are “no stealing from a closed tent”, but probably best to avoid temptation…