Greetings! New player's questions, also seeking character feedback

Hello, good people of Empire!

I’m an entirely new player, first-time LARPer, ridiculously excited, aiming to attend sometime later this year. Looking forward to that, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of things?

Firstly, I was thinking of playing a storyteller-esque character, as a way of giving other people RP hooks (asking about their character, any legends or stories or tales to share) as well as combining my two loves of writing and character work - would this fit in or is it a terrible idea (as most of mine seem to be)? Probably Wintermark, just because that’s the nation my friends have chosen and I’d rather stick around with them if possible.

Secondly, if I do end up going with this, could anyone give me pointers on roughly what works IC for paper and such? Would fake parchment rolled up like a scroll work?

Thank you very much, hopefully see you in Anvil soon!

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Yes that totally works, do check out the Scop archetype as it seems like it would be a good fit for you? IC paper wise a lot of people use leather bound notebooks or similar, fake parchment would work too.

Scop stuff can be found here under Art and History

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Storytelling is excellent and definitely works in Wintermark - I think that’d make you a Scop.

Scops, as you can see from that link, have an important role in Wintermark’s culture - storytelling is a really important thing, so that sounds like an excellent way to get involved!

Awesome! Thank you both for the advice. Yeah, I’d been looking at Scops, the one thing I was slightly unsure about is that the style I was thinking doesn’t quite fit with the dramatic poetry ideas mentioned in the wiki - I have a slightly convoluted backstory to get around it but just a little bit nervous to deviate from the guidelines, especially given it’s my first event!

Thanks again!

There are plenty of places in Empire for storytelling, Wintermark’s Scops are one, Dawnish Troubadors are another, you also got street performing Mountebanks in the League, I imagine Wise One’s tell tales of warning about Wolves in Varushka.

But yeah you’ll have plenty of game telling stories in Wintermark and I wouldn’t worry so much about not being able to do Dramatic Poetry. Not everyone can bust out an English translation of the Kalevala :slight_smile:. See if any Wintermark storytellers check in here to tell you what kind of stuff is out there, or go and ask on the Wintermark FB group.

Also paper is paper, I usually go with parchment style paper but you can get as fancy or not as you like. A lot of IC documents on the field will have had to go through printers anyway :slight_smile:.


Yeah, I can understand that. The real heart of the Scop is telling heroic stories - the brief’s encouraging epic poetry as the ideal way to do that, but other forms of storytelling are well inside the intent of the role!

(The instinct to check whether you’re on-brief is a good one - especially when you’re new it can be hard to tell where the wiggle room is.)


The most important thing with paper is colour IMO - plain white A4 looks jarringly modern, but I mostly just use cream-coloured A4; just having a more neutral, softer colour avoids it grabbing the eye quite so much.

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Much thanks to you all! I appear to have a lot of reading/writing to do… I think I’m pretty much committed to some form of Scophood (which is totally a word) at this point, so I’m excited to get playing with you all!