Group Creation for New Players


Follow up of this post.

We are 5 brand new players who will first play in 2019. We’ve decided to form a new group instead of joining one, and we have some basic ideas for backstory.

What kind of things should we think about whilst designing the group, and also what should we leave to be decided when we get there? Is there any OC things we should factor in, or things we should avoid?

All opinions welcome!


IMO the order of back story and theme should be:

1, Pick a nation - Kind of self Explanatory.
2, Pick a Territory (optional) - Different Territorys have different things about them. Different outlooks, climates, ect. Also the history of that territory will have a big influence on the group.
3, Do you have a focus in a certain field? Are you all mages, fighters, scholars, wandering priests, mercenary’s, family, refugees, ect.
4, Each founder should now work on their own backstory. Something simple. Start with:
Where your born and grew up (not the same place possibly?)
Where you are now.
What’s your profession (Skills don’t have to come into to this)
Are you tied to any recent history in the area?
How do you know the other founders/other significant people (You may only be representatives of a much bigger group? Does the head of your steading not come to anvil to better look after it and instead a proxy?)
5, Carrying on from the last point, why did you decided to stay with the other founders/group and how did it grow. Is it old, new, temporary. Does it have a specific aim? (Recover valorn territory ect)
6.Fill out the bits. Remember that empire only happens for 4 weekends, where as the group will exist between them. What do they do between?


You may find this earlier post of mine useful:


Hey there’s this advice from an old thread that would be handy - How do you make an Empire group?

The other thing I’d try to make sure of is that you create your characters as a group, rather than a series of individuals. Think about how they’ll work together. Like if you’re all going on the battlefield having a healer and someone to make you potions (possibly the same person) is handy. And likewise possibly having a battlemage as well with a staff to back up any fighters.

Or if you want to go heavy into politics take a look at how that works in your nation and what resource means you get votes, like businesses in the League or Congregations in Highguard. Then it can be worth all clubbing together and getting the same resource so you have a bloc vote. It’s also worth working out where there are gaps so you’re not in a territory with loads of groups already there.