Group Recruitment Thread 2018+


name of group : winterborn of night
nation : wintermark
type of group : coven day/night mages
group info : founded in anvil a few years ago the winterborn of night is a coven open to all day and night mages of wintermark specialising firstly in divination magic from both the day and night realms. the coven boasts the first and current imperial seers in its membership.

the group is currently quite small but is very active in imperial politics within the shuttered lantern/conclave and military council via divinations done for the seer/mc.

contact :


Name of group: House Gideon
Nation: Dawn
Type of group: Noble House
Group Info:
House Gideon’s storied lineage dates back to the days before the Empire. Ruling over a demesne of old forests and rolling hills within the Weirsmoor from the family’s ancient seat of power, Godric’s Hold. This ancient fortified estate was granted to the family by Igraine, Queen of Roses for their aid as distinguished members of the southern border guard, serving as a bulwark against the raids and incursions into the Weirwater by the barbaric Druj within the Dawnguard fort of Drycastle.

House Gideon’s reputation, once strong, has eroded over time due to misfortune and war against the barbaric Druj to the east, losing many within the House to the ever aggressive Orc tribes. Now a mere vestige of ancient Dawnish military tradition, the once notable Gideon’s of the Weirsmoor have all but disappeared from the annals of Dawn and in large, the Empire. Traditionally finding their humble origins as a bloodline of soldiers, throughout the multitude of generations, many of those among the House have been inducted into the military division upon the frontier, providing their loyal aid to the Empire and the throne as distinguished members of Imperial Armies. This form of stalwart allegiance throughout the ages, had eventually culminated in the loss of wealth and manpower resulting in the current situation of House Gideon.

The family’s seat of power is nestled deep within the mountains which border Astolat and Semmerholm, to the south lie thick wild forests and to the north are towering mountains. The castle is crumbling and remains in a state of disrepair, though it remains an intimidating monument to the long gone past of House Gideon.

Now the two sons of the late Earl journey to Anvil in hopes of rebuilding the houses fortunes.

  • A newish group, started during 2017 E4.
  • Any and all players welcome, whether new or old.

The group is quite small, and currently serving as a banner house to house Soleil, but
we’re seeking to grow. The best method to contact us is by facebook, if any further information is required. Or just come find us IC.

Group contact info:


Name of group: The Holberg Merchants’ Guild (name TBC)
Nation: The League
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): primarily traders & cicisbeos

Group Info:
IC: The newly elected prince of the guild, Basch has been convinced by childhood friend and longstanding guild bursar Giuliana to bring representatives to Anvil. While the guild grew insular and stale under previous leadership, Basch and Giuliana are keen to restore the guild’s name and position as a strong political influence.
OC: We are still firming up the concept at the moment, but we’re looking for ambitious traders looking to make a name for themselves at Anvil in any area. New and established players and characters welcome. We have a small (3m) bell tent and ideally would like to have at least one person at the camp at all times, as we will have a number of items for sale (so far we have an artisan/baker and an apothecary/jeweller in the group so will be offering quite a mix).

Group contact info:, or message me here on the forums (I have an essay due 21/06 so more info will be added later in the week)


Name of group: House Tallstag
Nation: Dawn
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Monster Hunters!

Group Info: House TallStag is a relatively new House, our first event was E1 this year! (2018). We are an ambitious house and have already made quite a name for ourselves. Our primary goal is hunting the most vile creatures we can find within the Empire, and uniting people of all nations who want to join us on said crusade. We want to grow and are happy to bring on recruits of any discipline, shape, size or lineage!

Its important to note that even if you don’t feel like House Tallstag is for you (Crazy) but still want to fight yourself a plague wolf, then do come find us IC and have a chat.

OC: We are a super chill bunch but always try and get the house active in IC activities and getting everyone involved. Work hard during the day and sit back with a tankard of mead in the evenings. We are also a relatively young bunch (Uni Students) if that is relevant for you.

Group contact info: Either message me on here, Find me on Empire Dawn FB page (Ben Thorn) or send me an E-mail at

Look forward to hearing from yous!


Name of group: House Montrose/House du Stanier
Nation: Dawn
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Healers/Mages/Traders

Group Info: Montrose has been about for a few events now as the ‘Healing House of Dawn’, so if you’re into the physik or chirurgeon game, then please consider us! We also have night mages and some very keen and successful traders, so if that’s the sort of game you want, we can do that too! We do like our drink as well, so if you appreciate a good tipple, then you’ll fit right in.

Du Stanier is our banner house and at they moment they’re all about the military game, but open to players with interesting ideas. At the moment they have space for players who want to try out key positions in a house.

OC: We’re a pretty diverse bunch, but we’ve all come together through Empire, other larps or tabletop rpgs.

Group contact info: Feel free to message me on here or find Simon White (for du Stanier) or Amber Darwood (for Montrose) on Empire Dawn Facebook page.


Name of group: Steelstorm Hall
Nation: Wintermark
Type of group: Banner/hall
Group Info:
Steelstorm is a relatively new, mixed-tradition hall on the norther shore of East Floes, Sermersuaq. We each come from different walks of life and each have our own Ambitions in Anvil, but we fight together with Courage and work as one towards Prosperity of our hall.

We are a group of young players, attending Anvil since Autumn Equinox last year and growing fast. We invite all players - experienced and new alike - to join us in battle and skirmishes as majority of our hall is interested in combat, but we leave space for everyone’s personal affairs in Anvil, be it religion, politics, magic, research or any other interests. We like to pursue personal, emotional roleplay, talk about our stories by the fire and seek to make our names as heroes of the Empire.

Group contact info: We like to meet people in the field before they join our hall, but feel free to PM me here or drop a message on facebook with any questions.


Name of group: Byrchenhal

Nation: Wintermark

Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Traders and Fighters, but looking for all types (religious, political etc)

Group Info:
“Byrchenhal dates back to the year 259. Our thane at the time led our people away from the Feni, after they ransacked our original home. After months of harassment from the Feni our ancestors made their stand in a copse of Birch Trees, where the hall stands today.”

We have a wide range of interests and we are as comfortable around a fire as we are fighting on the battlefield.

We believe in great RP and immersion, and as such we like to do our recruitment IC, but I wanted to get a message to Wintermark so everyone knows we are open to new members.

If you want to be a part of a hall that values you as a player/character, and not just “another member”, look no further! We have a range of important positions we are looking to fill - We want to grow each of our characters whilst growing the hall at the same time.

Feel free to write to me IC (Prive forum message and facebook Messenger is fine) if you want further information about the Hall itself, our members, and what we want to achieve as a group. Or, if you’d prefer, look for the gold tree on a green field in play (we’ll be at E3!).

Group contact info: Mark Dodge or Tom Hawkins via Facebook (we are in the Wintermark group), via email

We also have an active presence on the Discord, so you can also contact myself (Lucan) or Reidarr through that.


Name of Group: Wyverns Watch
Nation: Wintermark:
Type of Group: Hall/Banner
Group info:
Heroes of Wintermark!

A hall OC dedicated in making sure all new players feel comfortable and safe, and IC are beast hunters, protecting people from the beasts that hunt us in the vast Wintermark lands.

We swear an oath to protect people, and have a deep passion for hunting beasts. Before the rise of the Empire, the Wyverns Watch protected Wintermark, and when we joined the Empire, the Watch swore to protect the Empire.

Now part of the third Wyverns Watch, years after the last disbanded we now have a new modern view on hunting beasts. We are working on a Bestiary and figuring out not only the best way to fight beasts, but to move and save them from encountering humans. Recently the Kallavesa Patrol saved a baby mammoth from being stuck and attacked by fearful people, scared of the beast. We’ve also fought and killed Mandowla at our recent attendance at the Anvil Summit, and continue to help the Empire in making it safe from the Beasts that roam our lands.

We are also high in military prowess and, at the Anvil Summits we fight alongside the fearsome Iron Bastards, an elite fighting unit of Wintermark, and our Thane Wulfric leads the Iron Bastards skirmish line.

We fight in three groups; Melee, range and healers, with high tactics and drills we practice regularly.

We’ve also started a Summer ritual coven called Beast Blood, and religious Sect called the Burned Council.

If any of this sounds interesting to you - you can check out our wiki

If you this is not your cup of tea, but still are new, please know that you’re always welcome at our hall. We want to make you feel comfortable and aim at doing so.

Many thanks, and much love as always,

Annabelle - Sneery Watch of the Wyverns Watch.
PM me if you fancy a chat :slight_smile:


Name of group: Stormspire
Nation: Wintermark
Type of group Banner/Hall

Group Info:

Hi folks! With the threat of the Jotun marching in the north and the shadow of inevitable Thule treachery hanging over us the Stormspire are looking for new heroes to swell our ranks as we march into the pages of immortality.

Our hall has been attending Anvil ever since the death of the most heroic Empress Britta and we have been majorly involved in many of the pivotal moments of the Empires and Wintermarks recent history. We are founder members of the Wardens of Hahnmark and key fighters in the Iron Bastards warband.

Up until recently we have been an invite only group but now we have decided to open our halls doors to some new members.

We have players in almost all aspects of the game and anyone wishing to join will be considered. We have interests in the Military Council, The Synod, Ritual magic and the Imperial Hospital to name a few. We are especially looking for keen fighters both new and experienced to make our battleground presence larger.

New and experienced heroes will be more than welcome to train with some of the most experienced fighters on the field. Personally I have over twenty years of battlefield experience and there are members with more years experience than I who will be more than willing to share our knowledge to help you become a true hero of the Empire!

Anyone interested please feel free to send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

you can find us on the wiki here:

We look forwards to hearing from you!

Group contact info: PM James Smart on facebook, or you can message me (Amy, aka Helka) here for more info!


Name of group: The Eagles Eye
Nation: Highguard
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Guild - Magic and Trading
Group Info: Created long ago by the monks of old, the eagles eye was founded to server and better the citizens who lived throughout the Empire. Using magic, trade and the gathering of information, this guild acted as a central hub for all knowledge within the area. Historically the eye has been known for more covert operations against the Empire however in more recent times their efforts have been focussed towards self betterment and the success of their comrades.
Group contact info:


Name of Group: Two Feet Striding
Nation: Navarr
Type of Group: Mixed (Traders, Physiks, Vates, Guides, Thorns) – open to all
Group Info:

IC Info:
‘So I left my hearth and home behind with naught but a knife and my own two feet’.

  • Filch Two Feet y83 Imperial

No one is really sure how old the Two Feet Striding is, though surviving records place their founding roughly 3 centuries ago. The exact circumstances of their inception is a subject of debate among historians. Sadly, the Two Feet themselves aren’t much help. Rather inconveniently, each member possesses a wildly different interpretation of their founding, although recurring themes have been noted.

Origins aside, with ancestral trade routes and long-established Steadings in each of the Navarri territories the Two feet are a common sight on the empires roads. Despite their relative pervasiveness in the empire the Two Feet are mostly known for their Alcohol and carefree attitudes. What sets the Two feet apart from most Stridings is that a they return to their Steadings to wait out the winter months to the determent of tavern owners everywhere. This behaviour has seen them accused of being a “fair weather striding” though never to their faces as the Two Feet count a “significant” number of thorns among their ranks.

Since the death of Britta, increasing numbers of the Two Feet have made their way to Anvil to further the Striding’s ambitions. Recognized by their lilting accents, fury in battle, boisterous singing and general good cheer.

OC Info:
The Two Feet are a group comprised of long-time players and newer players and always happy to expand their ranks. With players experienced in roles from all aspects of the game including trading, healing, fighting, religion etc there is plenty of scope for players to develop their characters in whichever way interests them with the help of the group. The Two Feet is predominantly about fostering a family attitude towards each other and working as a collective to further group and individual goals.

Group contact Info:
Feel free to pm me here (replies may be sporadic) or Helen Philbrook on facebook. Also Justin Talsma on facebook.


Name of group: Isenshal
Nation: Wintermark
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Hall - Mixture
Group Info:

Mixed Hall based in southern Hahnmark. A ruined hall that is under reconstruction. Presently focused on making sure that everyone stays chill and helping to encourage more loyalty, and to help protect and support everyone around you. Given that it’s a relatively new hall there’s still a lot that’s subject to change, but there’s plenty of room for anyone who wants to come and hang around.

Group contact info:


Group name: The Pig Catchers (previously vyig)
Nation: all
Type of group: Shady individuals
Group info:

We as a small loosely knit new born group are hoping to bring about some true justice under the virtue of vengeance, we will revive old powers in new forms by any means possible. And do as we please as we rightfully deserve to.

In the long run we hope to become a widespread network of ‘families’ all working together to live life as freely as we deserve to.

This is likely not a group you’ll say you belong to if you want to live long but hey, join another group and have us as a passion on the side as we try to wrest power from the corrupt folks in power now.

I likely won’t visit this page all too often so catch me on:
And hey, stuggle onwards good brothers and sisters…


For any new players coming to Empire for E4 and wishing to join the to Dawnish Nation, or players who have got through the labyrinth. House Du Soleil are looking for two or three very specific characters, PM me if interested and I shall explain more…we are very welcoming and supportive :grin:
We are always looking for players of any gender or type


Name of group: House De Celeste

Nation: Dawn

Type of group: Dawnish Noble House

Group Info: We’re a small Dawnish house looking to expand, we’re currently low on members due to real life getting in the way. We’re still in the early stages of getting involved with the nation as a whole, but we do have good links with a few of the bigger houses - so we’re a good place to start if you’re wanting to explore.
We need both Yeofolk and Nobles, combat and non-combat. Any kind of person or playstyle is welcome regardless of experience. We’re rather friendly.
Our heraldry is a Silver Star on a Purple Field.

Group contact info: Either contact me on here, or find our Earl: Nina Smith on Facebook.


Name: Concordium of Pallas
Nation: Urizen
Type: Autumn Coven

Are you interested in the big Autumn ritual game; then look no further! :wink:

The Concordium of Pallas is the Urizen National Autumn Coven; our Ritualist are from many Spires across Urizen, so all are welcome to join us. We even have some loan kit on hand; that new players can borrow. We are a friendly group, that likes to work together as a close team (we also socialise outside of the game).

We casts big Magnitude rituals (120+) every event. We invest in our dedicated Ritualist, by giving them magical items to help increase their lore; which also helps them earn money by performing smaller rituals.

We are also keenly investing in Autumn Arcane Projection research and have recently invested in a way to codify those APs. If your interested in this game, we’d certainly be keen to speak to you!

We are also heavily involved in the politics of Senate, Bourse and Conclave; and a few of our number hold Imperial Titles. We have an ethos of sharing our plot out to the group. We have multiple people involved in different areas of the game who would be more than happy to work with new people. We very much believe in the greater good of the Empire, and have often used our prosperity to aid others in the completion of their projects.


Name of group: Vale of the Endless Eye’s
Nation: Varushka
Type of group: Mixed
Group Info:

A new group both IC and OC. It’s based in a Volodmartz near Runa’s Loss. While on a pilgrimage there, a wandering schlacta came across an abandoned vale, the Vale of the Endless Eye’s. After clearing it of the wolves (and other nasties) that were inhabiting it, she began fixing it back up as a welcome rest to others travelling the dangerous road to Runa’s Loss. She is running a small shop out of it. At the moment she trades information, sells engraved items and gives out free pronoun badges to those who want them.

Now she is recruiting just about everyone who is willing to spend time helping out at the Vale (volhov/cabalists to ward it, schlacta to protect it, wardens to keep the road safe and wise ones to advice the pilgrims) while running the shop (anyone who can make/bring food or make crafts, artisans, and sneaky people who want to trade gossip) and keep up her duty, as boyar, to The Way (all the priests but especially loyalty, ambition and vigilance).

The main theme of the vale inherited from its lost founders is the attempt to identify and watch all the variables that they can that will affect the future of Varushka and The Empire. That will help people be as vigilant as possible when they make plans for their futures. Doing this gives you a healthy understanding of how impossible the task is, therefore, built into the group’s oath is understanding that your time with the vale might one day come to an end but you have a higher loyalty to the principles that the vale represents. (It means if you don’t fit with the group for whatever reason you can move on with a level of drama you can decide on. This means we are great for new players)

tl;dr We are a new group welcoming everyone especially new players that is in the process of setting up a shop.


Name of group: The Rosa di Lamia Merchants Guild

Nation: The League (Tassato)

Type of group: Guild - merchants/traders (coven)

Group Info: Rosa di Lamia believes that hard work is the key to great wealth. Each member of the guild will go to every length to acquire more wealth. We are a many-headed beast; we take many routes to reach our goal, giving the highest chance for success. To onlookers, we are effortless grace; yet behind the curtains we weave a different tale…

We strive to preserve our dignity and well-being, and therefore do not expect any members to fight on our behalf. However, if one wishes to put themselves at risk in any way then they are free to do so.

(OOC note - we might have an IC tent if we have enough members!)

Group contact info: - Billie (me!) is the best person to ask questions - or email :slight_smile:

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Name of group: House Wolfborne

Nation: Dawn

Type of group: Dawnish Noble House

Group Info: We’re a new Dawnish house looking to make a name for ourselves in Dawn and the Empire as a whole. We have a mix of experienced and new players and we are happy to have players of any level of experience join us. We are a very inclusive group that is mainly martial focussed, but we have a few artisans, apothecaries, traders and other non-combatant members so there is plenty of scope for any kind of character to come along and pitch in. We’d be a good house to join if you’re looking to “apprentice” as we have plenty of people that could either point you in the right direction or have you come along with them to show you the ropes of the skills you’re interested in.

We’re happy to accept either nobles or yeofolk, our Earl would prefer yeofolk so he can help you find game (through tests etc), but there is plenty of opportunity for nobles to join us as well.

Our heraldry is a white wolf on a black background and many of us splash red in our costumes.

Extra info: We have a large IC tent that can be used for interactions. Sadly the tent already has it’s capacity of occupants, but it does give us somewhere to meet and do business IC.

Group contact info: Either contact me on here, or look for Kyle Wood (Our Earl) on Facebook.