Groups of Varushka

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[size=150]Groups Concepts and Contact Details[/size]
This is intended to be a brief summary of the group concepts currently lined up for the Slavic nation, and who to contact if you are interested in joining them or exchanging ideas. Comment below (or edit the document directly) if you would like your own group added or amended.

Ulas Sisterhood:
We’re Varushkan Warders, based out of Volodmartz (That’s the one with the extra deep, dark woods.) No special kit or backstory or even skillset requirements (Wardens need to be really flexible), though a) some combat skill is preferred, b) this is unlikely to be the group to be playing the economic game in and c) we already have a leader of sorts.

All in all, really a very down-the-line Warden group straight out of the brief at this point. Focus in uptime will probably be on dealing with weird threats to the empire and threats to the road networks; we’re not really here to kill ten orcs for breakfast unless they’re also trying to pull through a creeping horror from the Dark realm.

Vale of Triosk:
Varushka vale group played straight-down-the-line, designed to act as a home base for characters who want to have somewhere warm and friendly to come back to in the evening. Fairly loose with requirements - most character concepts will fit; have a chat with us if you have any questions.

Focus in uptime will be supporting each other in sticking our fingers into as many parts of the game as possible, from economic to military to politics to magery to lineage to religion. Aside from that, the Vale’s Banner will be focused on defending and protecting the border, and providing aid to those who live or otherwise venture into Karsk.

We’ll probably play up the work hard/play hard aspect of Varushkan culture, but feel free to get involved at whatever level of involvement you feel comfortable.

The Company of the White Flame
A Warden Brotherhood based out of Olvanshka in the territory of Karov, brought together by the fearsome reign of a most terrible Sovereign. Just thought I’d post this here for reference! Contact me (Essael Bosch) here on Facebook or at

**The Forest of White Caves **- an amalgamation of two groups:-

The Wychlovar: The remnants of an ancient Cabal who now dwell within the Vales of Miekarova. A close knit community that keeps to the old traditions and gathers the tales and legends of the past to help in the fight against the dark enemies of their homeland and the Empire at large. Espousing the warmth of the hearth fire to push away the darkness, the group is a welcoming one of Stenza, Wardens and Volhov who spend the days learning the ways of the darkness they seek to destroy and spend the nights swapping tales and drinks in celebration of life and in remembrance of those they have lost. Come from a Vale called Toki’s Pass on the side of the mountain by the Razors.


The Circle of Zulgan-Tash
Deep in the heart of primal Meikarova, lies the Forest of the White Caves, named for its many painted caves, and claimed by the Ushkan volhovy cabal: The Circle of Zulgan-Tash. The people of the Forest of White Caves come from ancient stock; they keep to themselves and they know the value of wisdom and tradition. The forest itself is as vast as it is dark, and as old as it is untamed. Amongst the pine, spruce, and larches, grow great oaks, as wide as a wagon, and as tall as a the towers of Urzien. The oaks provide a reminder that the lives of men are short and the forest will still be there long after they are buried in the body of Moist-Mother-Earth. Many of the oaks have been given names by the people who live beneath them: Great Nickolai; The King of the Vale; Emperor of the South; The Guardian of Meikarova, The Eastern Cross, King of Winter.

Before the worst of the threats to man were pacified or driven out by the Circle, travel between villages was by river alone, and the depredations of wolves and worse led to isolation and poverty. These days ensorcelled roads link fortified villages, and monsters are kept at bay by the wisdom and sorcery of the volhovy. Now, the peasants dig for iron ore, and trade the fur and meat of moose, deer, and the great forest bison that roam the woods. Safety comes at a price of course, and only the Wise Ones of the various villages know what bargains have been made with the Circle to gain their protection.

In the Forest of White Caves, people know they must work hard and remain vigilant to survive. They know that just because they cannot hear the wolf howl in the woods, it doesn’t mean he is not there, and they know that when you deal with a volhov there is always a price to be paid.

Contact: Steve -

The Family Gremani:
A close-knit Family from deep Miekarova, whose well-pretected Vale of Volchitrava acts as a way point for hunters and traders travelling between Olodny and the south. The Family has strong Changeling lineage, and form a powerful Summer coven.

At Anvil, the Family keep this tradition of hospitality alive with a welcoming hearth. Fire & mulled cider to warm the body, songs & tales to warm the soul. The Gremani Stzena are well-known and highly regarded writers and performers of traditional Varushkan music, taking commissions from Heroes throughout the Empire, and even the occasional Eternal.

The Vale of Gorazima
The Vale of Gorazima is a mining settlement in Volodmartz, overlooked by the ruins of the citadel of Alderei the Fair. It lies in a valley where two mountains meet, and is a labyrinth of dark forests and intertwining caves and caverns. They have a close relationship with the Zima Ruinakh Brotherhood which operates out of the nearby ruins, and many Wardens see Gorazima as a second home.

Highly superstitious and steeped in tradition, they immerse themselves in the mystical arts. They see it as a neccessity to mine Volodmartz’s rich resources and their duty to protect their land, and Varushka, from the things that lurk in the dark places beneath the mountain.

If you want to discus linked backgrounds etc, email

Stoneheart and his wife
The Volhov Daromir Stoneheart and his herbalist wife are a well-known pair often seen travelling the Roads of Varushka, visiting remote settlements and offering their skills in exchange for shelter and company. Rumour has it they hail from the Volodmartz and certainly Stoneheart’s dour demeanour is in keeping with the grim history of that part of the country.

Contact details

The Vor’Azi
The Order of the Vor-Azi is an extremely old Varushkan sect that exists to protect Strascovia, a wild & remote vale in the Miekarovan region. The order exemplifies the Varushkan attitude to the supernatural & the nation’s reputation of pragmatism. The Vale supports many aspects of Varushkan life but the Order itself, being now centuries old and formed due to a terrible event centred upon the region, persists and is an intrinsic part of the Vale’s life, incorporating both wise ones, volhovs, schlachta, Boyar et al etc.

The Vor’Azi has not recently been active in the affairs of their nation or the Empire. Strascovian lumber is traded down river, but travel up stream difficult so return trade is limited to the few roads which pass close to the vale. The situation unfolding at Anvil has bought the Vor’Azi into the empire at large for the first time in a generation.

PM Phil Clayton

The Oxen Head
The Oxen Head Coaching House is just off the main road between Triosk and Veresk. The original owners set up this haven which started as nothing more than a small shack, though now is walled and fortified to protect the road.

The coaching house was built up over many years as more traders started using it as a stop off point, and local woodcutters and miners started spending there hard earned wages there. It has evolved into its own community.

The Oxen head has always been the place to go when danger hits the road along the border, the strong gates and walls have always kept its people safe, the local merchants have always been willing to use there own materials and labours in order to keep the place running and every woodcutter in the area can name at least one beam, gate post or door that was put up thanks to their handy work.

Since the fall of Karsk the Oxen Head has began aiding the wagon raiders of Varushka, the local merchants now make supplies for the raiders and any imperial scouts that pass through, even though Karsk has fallen the Oxen head is still serving Pilgrims and giving them advice on making the dangerous walk to places in Karsk.

At least one priest lives at the Coaching house and many local land owners now conduct business out of its rooms.

Contact: PM Matt Rogers, Sam Bellamy Webster

Das Shoppe
A trade Caravan that has been travelling around Varushka for 15 years, and has now widened it’s route to cover all nations of the Empire.

As well as a core team, they are willing to escort travellers along their route. Happy to trade all sorts of items, for either coin or other items.


The Family Kovačevic
The family Kovačevic are a close-knit extended family of siblings and cousins from a small vale near Runa’s Loss in the dark and eerie Volodmartz. The iron-fisted head of the family and Boyar of the vale recently passed away, and the position of the head of the family passed to his eldest child, Goran. Goran doesn’t wish to give up his life as an adventurer and his regular trips to Anvil, and has chosen to instead bring the whole family adventuring with him.

The family Kovačevic are a loyalty banner currently comprised of wardens, schalcta, volhovs and stenza, and welcome new recruits, particularly those with a specific interest in the virtue of loyalty. Our collective aim is to elevate the glory of the family name through adventurous exploits! (And fighting!)

Contact Rohan Jareth Beck

The Lodge of the Howling Pines
A fellowship of Wardens from the foothills of the Razors in Miekarova and the vale of Razors Wake.
Not currently recruiting, starting Event 2 2015.
Contact - Jack Motorrad or Natalie Baggins.

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