Hall of worlds


so i looking in the winds of fortune getting hyped for the next event and all when i read about the etrenals going to the hall of worlds. i tryed look for more info about it but i cant find the correct page on it. i just want some of the base info on it or a link it the wiki please. im sure i have hear you cant just walk in their so whats up with that. any info will be helpful. thanks all


It’s where Conclave (the political organisation of Mages) happens. You have to be able to cast Open Portal or have a Paupers Key to get in.


Huh there isn’t a Hall of Worlds page but Some of the info is on https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Regio#The_Imperial_Regio


In Character it is a pocket dimension that Mages can travel to using a portal at the Regio in Anvil. The portal has a special ruling so that if you open it once at the start of the event you can travel back and forth without spending extra mana each time you want to enter, (you still have to cast open portal each time though)

Out of character it’s a large tent with cool set dressing. :wink:

If you do not have a method of magical travel (either the ability to cast open portal or an item that gives you the ability) then you cannot travel to the hall of worlds.

It’s where the Conclave (magical politics) meetings happen, and also meetings with eternals often start there as well.


How about Apprentice? I mean, could an apprentice enter if they were being taught how to cast the spell? Can the apprentice still re-enter for free, as long as they were being instructed each time? Can they enter with a different instructor and still claim the original casting as the only one which costs mana?


Yes, from what I know the Apprentice ability allows travel to and from Hall of Worlds. But as you say, an instructor is required every time; since each portal opening requires separate casting of the spell (albeit without spending mana for it), an apprentice wouldn’t have the skill to cast it on their own.
As for the rules on different instructors opening the portal for the same apprentice multiple times, that’s a little fuzzy so honestly I’d ask a ref in the field. There’s often one hanging out near the Imperial Regio and the Hall of Worlds.


Thanks. It’s just a vague curiosity right now, considering I play a League Bravo at the moment; if my wife and I moved to Urizen (while the nation still exists) as mages and both took our daughter as an apprentice, it occurs to me that we’d probably both end up taking her with us to the Hall of Worlds at some point.


You can definitely take kids in and out with Apprentice - ideally you’d do some role-play with her (what I’ve done with my four-year-old is do a lap around and between the Regio stones singing ‘Round and round the Regio, like a magic toad, one step, two step, outside the world we go!’) but getting small person where they need to be is more urgent.

The Hall is very nicely set-dressed and outside of Conclave or other scheduled sessions it tends to be quite empty, so it’s actually a good place to take small curious people - lots of cool props to look at - my boy likes the Summer tea set and the throne.

For an ‘adult’ (or more accurately, give the age of some excellent players, one who’s a full citizen and mechanically eligible to take skills) character, I’d probably be a bit more cautious and clarify with a ref. You would need someone instructing you every time you open the portal to go in or out, but I’m not sure if it would use their mana (if it’s a new casting of Open Portal for you) or not (if you are riding on their existing casting). Given my own character has no skills yet I should probably email in and get a ruling on that…


thank you all.

their is one way into the hall if you can do magic with the:
[https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Ambassadorial_Gatekeeper ]

thanks to Mark_Wilkin for that info


It’s not the only way - another popular one is Pauper’s Key, which allows one passage per day for a whole year and doesn’t require a magician’s assistance beyond the initial bonding of the item.


How is there no wiki page on the Hall of Worlds? I wonder if there should be?


there should be. some of the other page even link to the page that is meant to be their


This. My naga, whilst under the influence, may be suing this newly learned ritual… thank you