Hallowed objects

Am I allowed to enter play for the first time with an item that is already hallowed (i.e. the hallowing took place in the backstory) or do I have to get the item hallowed in play? I want a particular item that is relevant to my steadings backstory to have had an aura for many years, but dunno if that is allowed?

Forrules decisions you’d have to check with PD, since they’re the only definitive voice.

That said given that Virtuous Hallowed aura’s fade every year (unless created with True Liao), you could simply create it fairly immediately after arriving and state that that was simply this years reapplication.


Nice, I didn’t know that the auras faded. That will work. Much obliged :slight_smile:

From Hallow Skill:

A hallow on any item that does not have an expiry date already lasts a year. The roleplaying effects from a hallow expire when the item expires.

Most effects do fade, magic items, lose their abilities, the power of a ritual disappears and as Ricohard said, the hallowing aura will cease to be. I don’t know much about the religious stuff but it sounds like, from what Ricohard has said, that you need true liao to make it permanent. I believe that true liao is controlled by the synod and so is very hard to get hold of. To make magic effects permanent you use illium, which is a campaign resource which means it can only be gained in play. They are usually allocated to specific people and so is also hard to get hold of.

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Hallows last a year, so perhaps it is an object that has been regularly Hallowed and you need to get it renewed while visiting Anvil. It’s an excuse to talk to some priests as you shop around :).

There’s never an excuse to talk to priests.
Gotta leave them alone, otherwise you get told what a terrible person you are and how lost in the Labyrinth you’re gonna be.
Or is that just me…

Just hit them with the ‘no u’ and if they start questioning you about it, just tell them it is a virtue test to see if they can prove that they are a virtuous and you are seeing if they can work through ignorance or something. Give them riddles that have no answer and see how long they will spend trying to work on it. Maybe they’ll make you an exemplar.

I try. Virtues know, I try.
As soon as you engage a priest, that’s it. You are there for an hour. They wear your virtue back to its core, and then dedicate you to the one they are into.
Its a war of attrition between the paths.

Get the names of all the priests who bother you and when one of them comes up to you, tell them that ‘x would probably be really interested in that, however I feel they may be close to be choosing y instead’ where x is the name of a priest with a different virtue and y is that virtue. Next, sit back and watch, maybe get a few bets going.

I know that you’ve had things answered already to your satisfaction - but in general terms, you can’t normally come into play with an item that’s had skills applied to it in downtime (except magic items you already craft in downtime with the Artisan skill).

So if you started the game as a priest with Hallow, then took an object home without Hallowing it - you would normally have to wait until the next event to Hallow that object so you can do the appropriate roleplay and log the Hallow with GOD to get a ribbon.

There have been specific opportunities for players to have found certain Hallowed items in downtime - but that was specific to a particular time (and False Virtue) and was clearly spelled out in the Winds before the event.

As @Ricohard says, though, emailing rules@profounddecisions.co.uk is the only way for a definitive answer - and it’s possible if you emailed in about this they might have something specific to suggest about a steading heirloom that’s been Hallowed repeatedly over time.

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