Hammocks IC?

Does anyone use one of those self supporting hanmock things for IC sleeping inside a bell tent with a sleeping bag on top? Thinking of it as an alternative to a camp bed.

I haven’t heard of anyone trying this but I guess it would keep you off the ground so could work. The only question would be how much space would it take up and would the poles fit in there in their upright position.

The downsides I can think of are:

1 - a camp bed can have a bit of fabric over it and double as a seat during the day.
2 - it’s easier to stuff things under a camp bed to trap heat and keep you warmer.
3 - space in general; I think a hammock would take up more space so you’d either lose most of your bell tent or have to dismantle it and reassemble it each day.
4 - if you are someone who drink alcohol… well, I know my hand-eye co-ordination is a bit off after a pint or two.

On the plus side, it would look pretty cool, I love hammocks! :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen a hammock-stand at Empire, but it certainly could be done. Perhaps not in most bell tents though: the headroom is very low except near the middle, so I think it would have to be a really big bell-tent. It could work well in a non-huge tent with higher walls though.

Or with some types of tent, I imagine you might even be able to hang the hammock between two tent-poles (probably needing thicker poles and guylines there than you would otherwise).