Handling the death of a character

So being recently deceased at Empire I thought I’d ask people, so what are your methods for getting over a dead character? :slight_smile:

After some deaths over the years, good and bad, that have absolutely knocked me back and caused a big chunk of post event comedown I think I might have cracked it, for me at least.

The thing that worked for me was to during the event to get right on back with doing stuff, in my case it was crew for the rest of the event and make sure I also had plenty of rest. Self care being important and not having a to-do list as long as my arm was helpful too :slight_smile:. Keeping busy meant I didn’t fall into my normal trap of second guessing myself over decisions or stuff I’d left undone and crewing was awesome fun at the same time :slight_smile:.

What I’ve been trying to do since the event is sort of wrap all the memories up and pack them away in the toybox, going to the pub and asking folks about their memories of stuff has helped too :slight_smile:.

So how does it work for you?

Keeping busy has definitely been a thing with this one. Plotting the next character has really helped. I still get occasional moments of sadness when I hear about bits of the game that I care about, but I’m trying to forgive myself, give me a few moments and then to move on. It’s working so far…

One thing I’ve found with Empire that differs greatly from other larp games is that characters have funerals here.

The level of consideration is also very high, when the militia were closing in on my (admittedly rather naughty) character and that resulted in my execution, they waited until the last min at the event and the funeral rites took me all the way to time out.

If I’d have died part way through the event I would have been lost, and I think might have monstered for a while til I got another character idea formed. It’s taken me a little while to find my feet with the new character (It’s not easy trying to play a non-criminal after an infamous one) but I’m there now and I’ve reintroduced myself to my OC friends in the field

A friend of mine used the phrase “You look familiar, did we know each other in a previous incarnation?” which is brilliant for clearing up any confusion! It’s a nice IC way of saying that you’re a totally different character now.

I must admit that I am struggling to get back into the game after the damp squib death that was the result of a not great ref call (ref’s are human & mistakes happen so no venom is aimed at the ref involved… just sucks is all!) I died at E1 this year but went home early due to the OC injury that accompanied IC death so didn’t really have to deal with it then, New character just doesn’t feel right and I am feeling more than a little lost :frowning: Weirdly I really enjoyed E2 despite character angst but this was mostly down to the weather and the company rather than the actual game

Funerals and eulogies definitely help me (thanks Empire and Odyssey!) - likewise getting straight into crewing and being active and doing stuff. Frothing post-event and a little grieving definitely help me, before getting excited about a new idea. That’s a lot of why I like to crew as a stopgap - gives me the space to get excited about something new!