Handy 2017 Rules Update handout

PD just sent this out by email but I’m copying it here just in case you didn’t get it. It’s a handy summary of all the rules changes that have happened over winter.

RulesUpdate.pdf (128.9 KB)

Empire rules changes Winter 2016/17

This document summarizes the important changes and clarifications to the
rules made over winter and published on our wiki.

Ruined limbs: You cannot carry on using an item in the hand if that arm is
affected by CLEAVE or IMPALE. You cannot use a leg if it is affted. You can’t
hop or kneel up. Effectively you must have your bum on the ground.

Paralysis: Heavy armour no longer protects against the PARALYSIS call.

Entangle & Repel: The ENTANGLE and REPEL calls now take effect even if
parried or blocked.

Large creatures: Only monstrous creatures, phys-repped using bulky all-encompassing
full-body costumes such as the ice giant or the Grendel drakes will
be immune to calls from now on. Ogres - and others creatures who do not have
full body-suits are now affected by calls normally.

Playing dead: If someone asks out of character if your character is dead or
dying, you must answer truthfully. You can ask this, too! No more surprise orcs
from behind.

Looting: If your weapon or shield has been shattered, you might reasonably
want to loot a replacement from someone’s cooling corpse. You can! The physrep
must be similar to your recently-trashed armament (a buckler can’t replace
a shield, an axe can’t replace a spear). Ask the player if the item is available (and
hasn’t been shattered or pillaged already), then resume using your phys-rep.
Please do not actually disarm our skirmish crew, we need them armed.

If you want to steal a ribboned item from a dead character, ask out-of-character:
they can give you the phys-rep, or they can just give you the ribbon. If they
give you the ribbon put it on a phys-rep as soon as practical, probably after the
battle. If they give you the phys-rep you must take it to GOD immediately after
the battle.

Sneaking into tents: You may not enter someone else’s IC tent if it is closed.
Especially if you want to steal things.

Grappling: You must ask a referee first. They will check for sobriety, safety and
enthusiastic consent. You cannot grapple on a quest, skirmish or battle.
Philtres: Elixir Vitae, Philtre of Strength, Skop’s Mead, Mageblood, Philtre
of Heavenly Lore, Bloodharrow Philtre, Feverfail Elixir, Ossean Balm and
Anodyne Embrocation are all now philtres. They come with cards, instead of
rip-open lammies.

Elixir Vitae: Restores up to three hits on use rather than all lost hits as before.

Unstoppable: Now restores three hits, instead of one after five seconds of
appropriate roleplaying. Must be activated immediately after reaching zero
hits and falling over, or you miss your chance. May also be used to restore hits
while you are still standing and have hits left.

Second Wind: Skill deleted.

Relentless: This new skill replaces second wind. Spend a hero point and five
seconds of appropriate roleplaying to restore a limb ruined by CLEAVE or

Shattering Blow: This skill has been deleted - characters with the old skill
receive Mortal blow in place of this skill allowing you to call IMPALE with a
two-handed weapon when you expend a hero point.

Spellcasting: Regular spells take thirty seconds of appropriate roleplaying to
cast, up from ten. Any regular spell may be swift cast using only a few words of
appropriate roleplaying and two mana.

Heal: When swift cast, Heal restores up to three hits to the target.

Purge: Spell deleted. Anyone with the Purify spell may now swift cast it.

Swift Heal: Spell deleted. Anyone with the Heal spell may now swift cast it.

Empower: Now costs one mana to cast, down from two. A target wielding a
two-handed weapon now calls IMPALE rather than SHATTER.

Extra mana: Now grants two personal mana per purchase, up from one.

Standards: Most magic standards have changed to provide a benefit to the
standard bearer, rather than their group. They are now a kind of talisman.

Magic items and Rituals: Several magic items and rituals have had their costs
changed. Please check your character sheet for full details of any magic items
you can make or rituals you can cast.


Looks like it’s missing the addition of the new SHATTER spell.

Also Unstoppable I’m afraid.

Unstoppable is there under Elixir Vitae (the formatting hasn’t given it a bold title).

Removed a rogue space there so Unstoppable is bolded.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that this is going to make for a more cautious battle, a faster rotation if troops at the front lines, and a rise in the price of True Vervain…

Personally as a battle mage I look forward to crazy glass cannon style fun myself :smiley: