Hard Pommels


I recently bought a sword & have to return it as I did not know about it having a hard pommel, does anyone know websites where it sells larp swords and states whether it has a hard or soft pommel. I’ve noticed most websites don’t bring it up & I find myself staring at pictures trying to guess.

-Thanks in advance


There are generally 10+ weapon sellers in the field at every event, most of whom have dozens of swords that are suitable for Empire. Prices are generally the same as buying a good sword online, and you get to try them out first to see if it’s something you like. For this reason, it’s generally recommended to buy weapons at the event instead of online.


One of my friends brought a sword with a hard pommel and I seem to remember seeing the rubber band that means it has been checked, on the hilt. However on the wiki it says ‘There must be sufficient padding on the tip, guard, pommel and haft’. It may depend on the size of the pommel. Does it protrude rather far? It would probably be a good idea, as @tea suggested to be ready to buy another sword from the stalls at the event but maybe take your sword along and have it checked, just in case. It would be good if it doesn’t turn out to be a waste of money.

Of course if you can’t use it, then maybe get it hallowed and hung up in your groups area as a decoration or something like that, that way, at least it has had some use.


I can tell you (or at least paraphrase) what I was told about my Calimacil: “That is a really hard pommel, but nobody seems to care about pommels as much as hilts and blades; I’ll pass it if you promise not to hit anyone with it…”

I think it’s about safety; pommels are the least likely part of a sword to hit anyone, so the part they can be most relaxed about. It may differ from one checker to the next, but I think mine passed because there was no core inside the pommel and it was still foam even if it was a little hard. Just don’t rely on it passing; I can get away without my sword, I could maybe buy a new one, so I take the risk and make a back-up plan.