Hat Advice

So since i’ve first started looking around loads of people have been telling i need to get a hat. If only for keeping my bonce warm in cold nights, which is actually one of the only reasons you’d ever get one…

But anyway! I was wondering what kind of hats might normally fit the Wintermark style?

I was looking at arming caps like this but i’m concerned it might fit more with Marchers and everything, so any feedback or suggestions would be handy!

Whilst i’m here i found a hood i liked the look of, and wouldn’t mind people’s opinions. I was tempted to get it but aside from the price i thought from the look of it, perhaps it would better suit a Suaq or a Navaar more than a Steinr. Here it is if anyone wants to take a gander.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @kartorian,

Fear not, hoods work for pretty much all nations although a hood or cowl is iconic in highguard. An arming cap is certainly marcher looking so maybe do avoid that if possible for wintermark. The hood you’ve posted is very wintermark looking and I’ve heard chow’s stuff to be very good although I don’t own any myself. If you were after a hat then anything simple in its design with a bit of fur on will probably suit and as you said you’ll probably need something to stay warm in the evenings when the temperature drops down. Playing in wintermark currently so if you have any questions drop me message if you want to, happy to help!

Hats are great as its costume for your thinking. Put the hat on and you are your character in a noticeable way. The act of wearing it provides an action to “Get in Character”
Also an iconic hat also helps differentiate you. " Im looking for a tall bearded wintermarker" doesn’t narrow it down as much as “Im looking for a tall bearded wintermarker with a fed felt and fur hat”. Hats are noticeable.

Hats are a more Varushkan item as I understand it, so in Wintermark a hood would be the better option (from the wiki) ;

Hats are common in Varushka but Winterfolk favour hoods.

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A lot of folk wear hats in Wintermark, though hoods are more on brief and help to distinguish from Varushka. Though I am not saying hat’s are off brief!
If you have basic sewing skills this kind of thing is dead simple to whip up Ilsa Makes Things — Easy Skjoldeham Medieval Hood
Mine is made of wool and lined with cotton-linen.
I also have a wooly one in my tent in case of a cold head in bed.

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I’m not embarrassed to admit i still remember a lot of my textiles lessons from when i was in school years ago. I could probably manage that!

I have given a fair bit of serious thought too making quite a few pieces of my costume. This was especially notable when i was struggling to find decent trousers in my size (i’m a big lad). I managed to find some, but this definitely adds to the potential that one day i could show up with an entirely scratch made kit!

Thanks very much for the info!

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Those textiles lessons can put you in good stead for making kit.

Not a problem. There’s some excellent patterns on there that i use for most of my Wintermark kit