Haveing troble finding mage wepons

can anyone suggest a store that has mage staffs,rods and wands.

Buy on site is your best bet, Gems have a website that has some of their stock on it though (Google UK larp kit)

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Unless you’re getting something custom made then always buy at an event. The feel and weight of a weapon is incredibly important, as is being able to see it for yourself rather than in a photo.

Also this usually means you can be certain that the weapon will pass the safety requirements of the game you buy it at, and if not then you can go back to the trader same day, rather than arguing about it over email.

Pretty much all the weapon vendors have staffs, rods and wands you can buy. Go first thing, Thursday if you’re able, but you should find something to suit.

i know i spent a while looking online only to find some bulky and a bit ugly wands. i couldn’ find any rods and i did not want to buy a 120 pound staff without getting a look irl.

on the feild i found at least 12 different type of wands and many staff and rods which you can pick up and feel.


Talk to the traders. Drop them an email and see what they have to offer. And commissions are not too much more than off the shelf in my experience, as UK larp weapons are hand made anyway.