Having a kit, but no clue where it fits

Hay my name is Michael,
and i have been looking into attending empire larp.
in general i started to work on a nieuw charakter and im still working on the kit but now looking into it i have no clue in what nation my kit would fit, i askt some players inside of discort and thay sed my costume works for Wintermark/Nevarr but my 2 swords look more like the league and the brass coast.
i just got these 2 swords brand nieuw and would want to use them but its the same for the costume, basicly what im asking is if thers anny staff of the event that could tell me where i would fit in, cuz i realy do love the lore behind nevarr/wintermark

ill post some pictures of my kit here:

im sorry if thers a lot of spelling error’s im orignaly from the netherlands and want to start saving up to attent one of the events, also alredy thats for the awnser and i cant wait to attent one of the events <3


Hello Michael, and welcome! :smiley:

Most of your equipment looks fairly generic there. Do you have more in extra photos? Maybe a photo of you wearing it so we can get a better look?

To an extent, you can move a costume one way or another with accessories. A belt, a hat, a sash, a hood, in different colours and styles, can all make a difference. And can be bought on site fairly cheaply :slight_smile:

You could probably do fine in Navarr or Wintermark with those swords; the costume tends to matter more than the weaponry.

Hey, I’ll echo @Geoffrey_Willoughby in asking if we can a look at each of the costume bits on the left individually.

But colour scheme wise if you want to do Wintermark, they more than a bit Suaq to my eyes?

But also they’re a good base layer for a whole bunch of nations of different nations. For example If you added a bunch of colourful stuff on, you’d have a cool Brass Coast look.

I agree the colours from what I can see looks Wintermark Suaq - if you want to go that route adding some painted decorations with runes and totem animals to an outside layer would help reinforce that.

If you would prefer to head Navarr add a green layer, another top, or a couple or scarves as sashes. That and some tattoos will make you easily recognisable.

As mentioned the swords are lovely, and would be absolutely iconic for Brass Coast if you decided to go that way later on, but no-one is going to mind anyone else carrying them. OOC we’re aware of how much weapons can cost and having multiple sets is an investment!

The costume requirements are designed so that you can change nations fairly easily by replacing one or 2 iconic pieces for your basic outfit so it’s not a surprise that a basic out fit can cover multiple nations.

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