Having exorcism problems

So, I missed the last event but am able to make the next one. I am also bringing a exorcist priest with me.
Is the effects of a possession able to stay but be dormant?
So, I was possessed before but was clensed mostly.
How would we RP him following me around to stop any outbursts of possession?

If you were possessed you should have been given a card with effects on it. Most cards will say “if untreated after a time, see a referee”. If you didn’t get it treated, you should email PD.

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So possessions are all backed up by a card?

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They have been in the past, email rules@pd for a proper ref call on your situation.


Yeah, there are quite specific rules on possession, and I believe it’s often fatal if left untreated. So being “dormant” isn’t really a thing, unless PD are willing to work out a special case.

You could roleplay something with no mechanical consequences though. You could have been possessed in the past and your friend fixed it but you were so traumatised by it you keep having flashbacks and maybe sometimes believe it hasn’t properly gone away, but actually it’s just flashbacks.

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Yeah. That’s the plan. No mechanical effects. Just RP to help my priest friend

In that case just run with it. Making an emotionally traumatised is all good. Just be careful when some people think they are actively cursed or such. It could be an interesting character hook.

I would keep it to emotional support/ dealing with the non-mechanical but human consequences of having a ghost stuck to you. Otherwise you’re attempting to write your own mechanics around “possession coming back” that may be contradicting the game.

I play a PC who has to deal with a lot of spiritual/cursey nonsense. It’s very frustrating when you spot what looks like an IC issue, but because it’s not backed up by the rules there’s no game support. It leads to confused players and refs. I’ve had people want to be cursed from a Winds of Fortune, and claim to be so.

  • PCs behave exactly like curse, having read their mate’s one.
  • Players tell ref they’re cursed.
  • Ref couldn’t find a curse.
  • I shrug and tell them to Get An Anointing and Have Some R&R because that’s just priest plan A anyway.

I should take my own advice here - my character should be VERY traumatised by flashbacks of a past possession right now.