Healing On The Battlefield

Healing on the battlefield is an expensive business, its going to cost upwards of 20 rings at the most basic level and around 140 rings at the top end. For Apothecaries its often a very expensive business with little monetary gain. Would it be frowned upon to charge people when they’re bleeding out on zero hits?

Apothecaries would normally attempt to make their money by pre-selling potions, instead of charging people at point of use.

Depends on your Nation maybe? League likes money, so they might do something like this. Whereas I’d say Navarr for example might frown upon you trying to get profit out of something to aid someone else.

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As a pure healer from The League, I can tell you how I made money. Not a great profit, but I didn’t end up too badly out of pocket.

  1. Mercenary companies get paid, so I signed on to a support company and got paid.
  2. The hospital gave herbs to all healers who could use them before the battle. NB: They want them back if they don’t get used.
  3. Some warriors carried herbs which they gave to the healers. These people always got the best treatment.
  4. If someone knows you have their back in battle, they may give you potions in advance.
  5. One person gave me a whole handful of herbs as a thank-you after I healed them.

To be fair, I have only been to one event (E3) and so that was a mixture of sheer fluke and bothering egregores who helped me find the most advantageous arrangements. What I have decided is that any battlefield healing or post-battle trauma medicine is a Red Cross / Médecins Sans Frontières-style arrangement; the Anvil Hospital will support you with herbs and space, but you’re there for humanitarian reasons. It’s charity, unless someone is sponsoring your presence on the field.

During E3, I did discover a few ways to make money off the battlefield (albeit with some preparation) and so I will be back in 2018 to see if those ideas are plausible.


Honesty it feels a little scum-baggy to me, but maybe that could be in line with how you want to play your character?

Some people might complain it’s unvirtuous, placing personal prosperity above imperial loyalty.

Look at it this way: if you were dying and someone stooped over you and said “I can save you for money”, would you be grateful?

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It’s very Brass Coast to do, but maybe wait until after the battle to get the money.

Also worth noting quite a few characters leave their purses with non combatants before they go through the gate so may well not have money on them.

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Remember you can get someone off their bleed count using Chirugeon without using a potion.

Getting someone up with a potion is a luxury to an extent, if they aren’t in iminant danger, it probably isn’t worth the expense, and they can trundle back to their physik mate who can heal them for half the herbs.

If the potion is absolutely needed (i.e you defiantely don’t have those 30s), which is far rarer, they are less likely to grudge you the price of the potion. Even in the less economy focused nations, but outside of that I can imagine people being somewhat unwilling to fork out because you are less efficent at using herbs than a physik.

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Note that while using chirurgeon (and only chirurgeon) the target’s bleed count is paused.

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One physick I heard of would heal folks in battle, ans slip a business card into their pockets, along the lines of: “Having saved your life, this guy is now doing business at X, why not come and buy some potions of them or pay them back?”

The inverse of that is noting down who you save from what nation, and going round to check on them afterwards, possibly while asking if they could recompense you slightly.

Or you could look on it that Anvil is your advertising phase: “Healer to Generals, Senators and Heroes!” looks good on the business card, even if you don’t make much from it in uptime. Healing at Anvil is not something you do for a profit.

As a general thought, I’d be healing with bandages, and Chirugeon first, hero points second, and herbs on my group/nation and other people who really needed it. Potions being for emergencies. And off the field,I’d be getting herbs off my group, making sure they knew when to come to me, and that they were all equipped with an Elixir Vitae or similar, bought from me or someone else.


It’s a complex issue, battlefield healing.

On the one hand, assuming that you have a herb garden, you have had to not take a farm or business worth 9 crowns - just over 1 throne - per event. When you go onto a battlefield, other players are essentially asking you to spend money on them so that they don’t die.

Think about that for a second; a person with a forest or a mine is getting a resource which they can either sell to make items (for profit) or make into items themselves if they have the right skill (more profit) with nobody ever suggesting that it’s unvirtuous not to simply give away their goods. It is not unvirtuous for a person who owns a farm to expect goods and services in return for their money.

Physicks with herbs are expected to give away their skills and resources for free. Yes, they may not be front-line fighters, but they’re on the battlefield risking their lives. When the line fails, the 2hp healers are often quite easily slain, falling faster than newbie warriors with 4hp and armour.

Now, on the other hand, not everyone is going to play a healer. We are a rare breed, dedicated healers. We chose to do it. There is a reason (ranging from a messiah complex to an overabundance of empathy) why we chose to play a healer in a town with free healthcare (Anvil Hospital) built in.

To me, hitting people with a blunt chunk of foam is fun, but pretending to slice someone open and rearrange their internal organs is more fun. Discovering that your patient is infested with demonic bees is hilarious in a way that hitting an NPC in an orc mask until they fall down just isn’t in my experience. Staggering into a tavern covered in mud up to your knees and fake blood up to your elbows… That’s my idea of time well-spent.

I think there are some issues with entitlement, with certain players who assume that just because they are warriors, they somehow deserve the last of your herbs. At the same time, there are lots of warriors who will buy you a drink later.

In the end, I do think that the combination of herbs as the primary money-sink and free medicine at the Anvil Hospital can make Physick feel like a thankless skill. Let’s be honest here; while I can see why the hospital exists from an OOC perspective, it provides every service that a Physick can, for free, and so it undermines our trade. There is no Anvil Foundry handing out free magic weapons to all comers or an Anvil Benevolent Magic Association performing rituals without a fee; ritualists and artisans are therefore sought after and respected in a way that some players might feel that healing is not.

The apothecary skill balances this out, as potions allow self-administration, are near-instantaneous, and provide effects that even the best Physick cannot achieve with raw herbs alone. For two skill-points, a Physick can earn money making poisons and antidotes.


Note that the hospital is a player created organisation - all it is is a group of player physics who have decided to act in a specific way.


The point of Apothecary potions is they can be used by anyone and used on yourself, which is why they cost more than just applying the herbs. There’s no reason to deliver them personally. It’s easier to sell them on to people who want to have the potion when they need it, than to show up and hope someone needs it.

When I played a Physick, I had my group supply herbs (I had a mana site) and I rationed them out by using the “take 2 minutes to fix a TW or broken limb” Physick abilities on the battlefield. The cost of herbs has to also be balanced against the fact you are not burning Mana Crystals or Hero Point Potions to fuel your abilities as a Physick or Chirugeon, and you won’t burn as many healing potions on yourself. A front-line fighter uses herbs on the potions they will likely be carrying, and resources on magical armour and weapons. A dedicated healer can get away with being more lightly equipped. Although I always carried an Elixir Vitae and antivenom so I could heal myself with thoseand then start on the rest of my unit.

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My point was more devil’s advocate (like I say, we chose this life) because I can see where some of the concerns come from. I hadn’t realised the Anvil Hospital was player-built, but I think that’s because I the Empire approach is so much more player-led than anything I am used to.

Every time I dive into discussions about anything relevant to my character’s interests, I do seem to learn something new. More things to think about, more ways to chase virtuous prosperity and thus fund my battlefield healing.

I do have an idea on how get paid for healing and I wish to sell you all my idea and get feedback. I am looking at doing some skirmishes next event but my normal group are not interested. So my idea will be to advertise my self at the hospital as a Healer for Hire. I take an amount to cover my skills, and then we talk at the end to cover/replace the of herbs used.

Thats is a fantastic idea, I’ll put up a sign in the hub and hand out leaflets to egregores.

I wouldn’t bother leafleting the Egregores, I’d try and track down the people in each nation who are the “go to people” for short notice skirmishes, there’s always a few in each nation. Either ask around or sit yourself down next to the sentinel gate for a few hours and see who’s giving the orders when nations go through the gate for Skirmishes and other smaller quests :slight_smile:.


What do you think would be a fair base price, including the cost of herbs? Like 1 Throne + Potion Costs?

As with most of the responses on this, it is entirely dependent on the situation, the person and a hundred other things. If you are the only healer, you can negotiate whatever rates you like, if there are twelve healers begging to go, you’ll get nothing (unless you are much better than they are and have proved it).

Fairness is not built into Empire, you get what you can, based on your prosperity and the risk that will be undertaken.

But it’s likely you’ll get a few rings for your time.


A throne is Big Money. A level 1 Farm or Business earns 1 Throne and 1 Crown every event. For most people, a Throne is going to be the majority of their spending money for the event - if they have a non-cash personal resource, they may well not even have that much. You’re very unlikely to get a Throne for your services, I feel.

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