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Hello everyone, I’m Jodie Atkins (Sister of Sean who introduced himself a few months ago). I’m 17 years old.
I’m completely new to any genre of RP, in fact I haven’t done any at all, however LARP seems fun and a good challenging place to start. I love camping, and I do a lot of drama activities so I’ll love creating and staying in character. Alongside my brother, I’m also a Steinr Wintermark, a Bannerman, although I am currently in no Banner, Covern or Sect. I will most likely join the same as him, however I may go independent at some point once I get more experience.
I’m still learning the lore though I seem to be getting the concept, I tend to learn better hands on.

Costume wise; I haven’t got organised anything at this time, but I will be starting in a couple of months. I may be sewing and adding embellishment such as fur to the armour and hood and boarders. I will also start making costumes once I make size templates and learn what the requirements are for each nation.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation on what types of fabrics to use, I want to aim to look wealthy with the boarders and jewelry. I will also pick out a broach to connect my hood but I’m unsure what the broach should contain (a wolf, bird etc). Also, are Steinr Wintermarks often seen with tiaras and headpieces?

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, my first event which may start either the end of this year or next year. I may have more questions as I go along but for now I’m all good! :smiley:

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For wealthy Wintermark I would probably go with wool, linen, cotton in rich-but-still-natural colours and with heavy use of trimmings to denote wealth and/or status. Think burgundy, dark green, golden browns, rich navy blues. Furs (or fake furs) are good for trimming, though for a Steinr I’d avoid making a garment entirely out of fur or you might be confused for Suaq. Animal motifs are great for brooches and decoration, as would be the Imperial Runes, which were discovered in Wintermark.

I assume you’ve found the Wintermark Look and Feel page but I’ll link it just in case you haven’t: profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … k_and_feel .

Welcome. Enjoy life with the winter folk.

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@Puffer I’m glad that I can use burgendy and green. I found the Wintermark costumes but I didn’t find the Look and Feel so thank you for that!

@Buck Thank you very much!


Not sure if you’ve found it yet but there’s some how to guides on costuming on wiki.

I found it a really useful resource :slight_smile:

Also - forgot to add there’s the Costume Froth group on Facebook too

Hello! Thank you very much I’ll make sure to check it out :smiley: