Hello! Quick question I couldn’t find the answer for! New player! Thanks 🙏

Hello :wave:,

So Im really excited about moving back to the UK and super excited about joining Empire!

Unfortunately I will miss the first event of 2020 as I’m moving back June 1st.

Being super keen I’ve already started work on my characters backstory / costume ( planning to have a fleet) .

So here the question, if I register my character now will I get:

  1. Random trading result for new player 1 time only.

  2. Random trading result for new player 2x , as there are two downtimes before it’s possible that I can attend an event .

3.Random trading result for new player for first downtime and unit defaults to privateering for the Second downtime .

  1. Really obvious answer I didn’t find when reading the rules ?

Hope that all makes sense, Thank you for your answers in advance !

Note: is there anything else I can do IC before I can physically go to an event ? Send IC letters ?

Thanks Again!

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You’ll only get one lot of income from your resource for the first event (i.e. option 1) and after that you’ll receive income after each event you attend, which you will get in your pack at the next event you go to. (Hope this makes sense, I’m not the best at explaining!)

As for sending IC letters, that’s definitely possible, and can be a great way to develop some contacts before you start playing, so you have some people to talk to once you make it onto the field.

What nation are you thinking of joining? Joining the relevant facebook group would be another good way to find some contacts before you start playing.

Welcome, VKH, to the forums, and the game, and indeed back to the country :slight_smile:

A way to think of it is that your character can enter the game world at any point (so you can write fic, send letters, ask questions), but you enter the game mechanically when you book for your first event. At THAT point, you start getting stuff from your resource and/or skills.

If it’s a fleet, I suspect you’ll get a privateering result for the first event that you book (random 10 resources).

Happy to answer other questions. What sort of concept in which nation are you looking at?

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Letters… that’s probably all: in principle you could play your character at a player-run event before the main event, but you’ll be out of the country (and there might not be any between the OOC year’s first and second main events anyway).

Also, I don’t know if you’d count it as “something you can do IC” but if you’re talking with other players OOC you might agree to decide that your characters have known each other for a while IC (potentially even as members of the same family or troupe or guild or hall or whatever…)

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