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Hello there, I’m totally new to Empire and actually to LARPing in general. I play D&D and Savageworlds but have been eager to try LARP for a while now.

I’m not sure when I will get to attend an event due to my work schedule but I’m gathering stuff for my costume in the meantime and reading up things on the wiki. I was wondering, is it best to go with a big group of people? I’m not sure I can convince many people to come with me.


You can solo Empire but a group gives a different type of game. If you can’t find friends to come with you, there are plenty of groups recruiting. Which nation are you looking at? Each nation has a facebook group which can be a good place to start.

I was thinking probably Dawn, I’m loving the medieval aesthetic, and the whole idea of nobility being earned through deeds and glory rather than inheritance is intriguing.

I would be taking at the very least my boyfriend with me, so I wouldn’t be entirely alone, but I’ll definitely have a look for the FB group!

Oh, I have a question also. If I don’t have orc appropriate costuming can I still do monstering?

Basically what you want for monstering is generic base layers, things that look vaugely IC, or not obviously OOC. PD then have some Light weight armour you can wear over the top.

Edit: Oh and Orc masks

If you can persuade some people to come along with you it can be a lot of fun, even just being in a group of 2 or 3 people makes for a different game than being solo. As you’re all able to rely on each other, watch each other back if you want to go to battle or skirmish and you complement each others skills. Like one person have some healing, one person having sword and shield and another a long weapon or a bow say. But it’s mainly that you’ve got some people along for the ride of jumping into this new complete world.

Solo is a different experience, still cool, but you do need to have a bit of a different approach. Here’s some advice on flying solo at Empire.

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At the most basic monster kit can be black trousers, a black shirt and some gloves (so you don’t have to paint your hands!).

Monster kit is pretty easy, go to a charity shop and buy an old fur gillet and wear that over said black base layer. Get a big belt and put that around your waist. Wrap some old bandages around your forearms. Now you’re an orc!

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You can find the Dawn facebook group here: Redirecting...

Dawn is, I think, a nice one to start in, as the setting isn’t too complex (I describe them as Arthurian knights with the chivalry dialled down and the recklessness dialled up), and you can start quite cheaply as a Knight Errant. For which the only costume you really need is a tabard with the Dawnish symbol on (Yellow/gold sun on royal blue). And that marks you as a wandering knight with no house affiliations, questing for glory and possibly a place in a noble house :slight_smile:

Anyway, come along to the facebook group and we’ll give lots of advice.

Re the monster kit, the standard orcs are in face masks, which some folks can’t/won’t wear, so there’s often a few roles for people in non-orc kit. And there’s piles (literally) of monster kit available if you NEED it.

About the only essential things you need for LARP are imagination and enthusiasm.

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Going into Dawn as a Knight with her faithful Yeoman is a perfect concept for Dawn, some sort of Questing Knight would be perfect :slight_smile:.

Every one is welcome, and dawn is a great first nation to start. It is entirely fine to turn up as a small group and go from there. Check the FB link above and have a chat with your nation. There pages for all the nations and I would suggest joining any that take your fancy as well as the general on which is this:> Redirecting...

You have just missed an event, so there will be loads of new pics up from it up on there SOONtm.

Kit is aspirational. As in that no one expects you to turn up with glorious ball gowns and a full harness game one. The point is to improve your kit gradually between events.

So welcome to the hobby.

Wow so many replies!

You’ve given me some food for thought. I’m thinking probably I’ll be aiming for attending the September event, to give myself a bit more time to plan and book time off etc. By then I should be able to sort out our costumes.

Thanks for the warm welcome!