Helms, Calls and Headshots

Whilst I appreciate that headshots can be an issue, I’m seeing more people taking the field without wearing helms, since calls such as Impale and Cleave only do 1 pt when hitting head/neck in all cases.

Hence a number of people just don’t see any benefit of wearing a helm anymore, which I find is losing some of the immersion that the game is trying to achieve .

So, should there be an extra incentive to wear a helm, say an extra body hit for wearing a medium/heavy helm ?

Helms are one of the easiest ways to get the required coverage for medium and especially heavy Armour to grant their hits.

That said a lot of people find that the loss of peripheral vision has a negative impact on their OOC safety and indeed comfort, wearing a proper helmet over both long hair and glasses without overheating is not easy… Not to mention the additional cost on top of the already high cost of armour.

As for ‘realism’ yes occasionally you take an arrow to the head and don’t fall over which can seem a little ridiculous but its not a common occurance.

And honestly in a world where I can heal you by harnessing the power of Sunlight and Staring (without invoking magic) realism is a way down the list of things that I’m looking for.

Badly fitted/cheap helmets can be actively unsafe. Good helmets are expensive.

This is a discussion that was had extensively back when the rules were first released. The chosen setup is designed to provide reasonable incentives to wear helmets for those who want them, particularly from the ease of armouring up (I’ve personally saved a concussion at least once from wearing a helmet, and they’re very visually effective for the right character choices). However, it avoids the thing of “ah yes, you need to wear a helmet to be effective”, which +1 hit can start to lean towards.

Visually, heroes almost always don’t bother wearing helmets :wink:

When someone gets hit in the head, especially when it is too hard the retort I have heard is "you need a helmet "

No. People need to pull their blows.

I see a lot of glasses lost and a lot of heavy blows.

I saw a monster get mauled by an ambidex… He took a unpulled blow to the kidney.

Again- you need armour.
No again. You shouldn’t need it.

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Also some of us have horns or antlers that make helmets pretty much impossible.

I agree with many of the points raised.

In terms of safety I choose not to wear plate or chain gauntlets because I don’t feel that the additional weight and size of these are appropriate to allow me to safely strike with pulled blows. However, unlike an unarmoured head, I remain vulnerable to heroic calls to hand/wrists, areas not covered by my 3/4 sleeve chainmail hauberk.

Hence whilst the head remains as a valid, albeit not preferred target, then why isn’t the same concession (immunity to heroic calls) made to other unarmoured areas on similar safety grounds?

Because, fundamentally, being hit in the head is much more likely to be unsafe for the person being hit. Being hit in the hands isn’t.